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Are you lost or you have lost “yourself”?

Sitting idly in a corner doing nothing but feeling disappointed about the time you wasted

Trying to keep things to yourself just because you feel no one can understand what you are feeling

So many desires and wishes in your heart but you don’t know from where to start

Remind yourself again and again about the days left in your life

Remind yourself you are born to create a difference

You are born to create an impact

Ask yourself why are you still alive?

Why your heart is still beating?

Why your brain hasn’t stopped working?

You know all the answers..

You know you play a Very important role on this earth

So don’t waste your life

You don’t have to prove yourself to others

But you must discover yourself before you die

You must know your potential

You must be aware of the changes you can make in your as well as in others life

And all this is possible if you have a vision, a purpose

Find your “Why”?

Everyday at least feed a new information in your brain

The information can be in any form

But keep learning everyday

Even if you suck at your grades..that doesn’t matter

You are the champion of your life

The marks, money and success are just materialistic pleasures

The real pleasure and contentment is achieved when everyday you are enthusiastically heading towards the path of discovering yourself….

Yes, I’m an introvert

Yes, I love my own company

Yes, I like to dwell in my own thoughts

Yes, I don’t find small talks fascinating

But I love to have meaningful conversations

Yes, I like to pen down my thoughts than telling to someone in person

Yes, I am straightforward at times

And you may think I’m egoistic

Yes, I perform well when I’m all myself

Yes, I don’t like crowdy places

But I do love public speaking

I wrote this post…

Because I feel most of the times introverts are not given the proper environment

And most of the population don’t know what introversion is all about

I know how it feels when people tell you that you are antisocial or depressed

Just because you love to spend time with yourself reading a book at home than going to the parties

I know how it feels when you want to take up a task alone

But you are forced to work in a group

Yes, human is a social animal

But “socialising” to me is lending a helping hand to the needy

“Socialising” to me is listening more and talk less to have meaningful conversation

So before you judge an introvert

Better go and read the definition of introversion

“Introverts are like the flower buds whose beauty and potential can be realised only if you have the patience to wait for the blooming stage “

Let’s learn from our ambience

You watch motivational videos on YouTube

You buy the best motivational book

You attend the lecture of the famous motivational speaker

You go to take advise from people who themselves are confused

You become restless..

You lose hope…

You think it’s time to quit

Because you cannot see any stone left unturned

You cannot sleep calmly at night

And you feel your days are no more bright

But wait a minute

Let’s take a look in our surrounding and see what lessons it teaches us-

  1. The Air conditioner says– “Hi there! I am the air conditioner. I know it’s only because of me that you are able to enjoy a sound sleep during scorching summers. But have you ever observed me carefully. I’m here to teach you the lesson of “Being cool”. I know you guys lose temper easily but don’t you think losing temper would only make the situation worse and you end up getting more worried. Just look at me I release all my heat outside and cool you down with my cool air. Why don’t you give it a try?”
  2. The ingredients placed in your kitchen says- “Hey there! We are the ingredients you use to make your favourite dishes. We feel lucky to realize that each of us are equally important in making your dishes delicious. We are here to teach you that every thing in your life plays a very important role in shaping your personality. Success and failures are equally important. You must learn from both. But most of the time you feel elated when you succeed at something and stop moving. On the other hand you feel sad, depressed when you face failures. Why can’t you humans be a life long learner?”
  3. The water says-“Well… I know I play a very important role on this earth. But I keep changing my form based on the situations- solid, liquid and gas. I am here to teach you that never remain stagnant. Always be open for change so that you can acclimatise yourself easily as you all know “Change is the only constant”

Well.. there are many more lessons you can learn from your surroundings. The list will never end. After reading this post I want you to observe keenly what lessons your ambience can teach you and do share with me in the comments because we are here to learn, unlearn and relearn.

Time is like an ice cream

You thought of finishing your tasks today but you realised it’s not possible

Because yesterday you wasted your whole day doing nothing

You sow a seed and forget to water it at regular time interval

But you expect to grow it in the form of a plant and bear fruits for you

You know what you want to do

You also know how…

But why aren’t you able to accomplish your set targets?

Are you not provided with the twenty four hours in a day like others?

Are you not the incharge of your time?

Are you still dwelling in the past memories and spoiling your present and future?

Are the past failures stopping you to take your first step towards today’s success?

Is the guy or girl who broke your heart someday still on your mind and not letting you to fall in love again?

Are you still holding grudges for someone who criticised you for your performance a few days back?

All of us love ice cream, right?

The ice cream should be eaten before it melts away

Similarly the time which you have today won’t come back

The opportunities you get today won’t come again at your door

Grab the opportunities…

Make full use of each and every second in a productive manner…

Otherwise you won’t get another chance to savour this ice cream called “time”

See yourself through “Your” eyes

The big pimple on your cheek and forehead cannot make you ugly

The thick lens spectacles will not necessarily give you a boring and nerdy look

The loose pyjamas and T-shirt can be more cool to look than wearing something in which you don’t feel comfortable

Your messy hair can make you feel great if you feel confident even without combing them…

Let’s learn from the nature-

The rose and the thorn are bear by the same plant

The rose won’t feel sad if you tell it that the thorns make it ugly

The nightingale is known for it’s soothing voice

It won’t feel disappointed because of it’s dark colour

The discrimination and differentiation based on outer beauty exists only in human beings

The nature treats everyone in the same manner

Let’s take out some time to look at yourself

See, how well god has created you using all the creativity

There is no one like you in the whole universe

You are more precious than any gem

Don’t get taken away by others opinion

They don’t know you

They may question your dressing sense

They may not like the way you speak

They may not believe in your dreams and goals

But who are they to decide what you are and what you are not?

We cannot estimate the depth of the ocean or pond by merely looking at it

We can feel the energy of the sun only when we go near to it

We cannot judge a book by it’s cover

Then how can somebody judge you without even knowing your true nature

Come on.. Get up…look into the mirror…

And this time through “Your eyes”

Is travelling alone a crime?

Why we need company to go somewhere?
Why can’t we walk alone on the road where we cannot find anyone?
A guy can freely walk alone whether it’s dark or in a day time
A girl has to think twice before she leaves her home especially during night
Is this the right way to live our lives
Where we are afraid of these eve teasers..
India a country known for it’s rising economy and unity in diversity
What kind of unity is this where a girl is not safe in her own country?
What kind of freedom is this where people keep staring at a girl when they find her alone in cafeteria or walking alone on the road?
India is known as the greatest democratic country of the world
What kind of democracy is this where a rapist is not punished severely?
A girl is a mother, a sister, a wife, a daughter..
Or in short you can say she’s your lifeline
What pride we take in being Indian when we can’t be a good human?
What pride we take in being Indian where our mothers and sisters are only not safe?
Will you stop them from going outside?
Will you stop them from wearing what they want?
Will you stop them to go out of state to pursue their dreams?
What can you do?
Teach your children the meaning of gender
Let’s view gender as the spectrum and not as two opposing ideals
And don’t be afraid of these eveteasers
The day when each and every girl would feel free to move out of their homes alone or in company..
On that day I would take pride in saying that I am an Indian

Make yourself a priority

The tree can only provide fruits if it is healthy

The water becomes life savior only if it is pure

The air is fit for breathing only if it is free from pollutants

The teachers can deliver knowledge only if they themselves are well aware of the knowledge

An empty pond cannot quench someone’s thirst

A pen without ink cannot be the “means” for the writers to express their thoughts

A garden without flowers and greenery seems dull and boring

A book with a dull story fascinates none

Similarly, how can you expect someone to be happy with you if you only lack spark?

How can you expect someone to respect you if you only lack self respect?

How can you expect someone to trust you if you only lack self confidence?

I know this may sound rude and may be selfish…

But don’t you think we give very less time for self care?

Our time is limited…we are left with limited number of days

You may never know tomorrow or today may be your last day

You are ready to devote your precious time for someone else…you are not aware what you want from your life..

You live most of your days thinking how to make others happy

By doing so sometimes you lose your happiness

You try every bit to lighten other’s path who take you for granted

But you are not aware that you too are losing your spark..

Who’s gonna lighten your path?

Who’s gonna guide you when you have lost sight of your goals?

The answer is “You”

Make time for yourself

Make time for your goals

You gotta learn to say “NO”

Remember, only you can fulfill all your dreams

People can support you, encourage you..

But you are the one to take action

Then what are you waiting for?

Make a list and start doing what makes you happy and drives you crazy

Choose the tasks where you completely lose yourself because-

The person who will be there with you till the end of your life is “You”