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Why one should indulge in “Reading books”?

Remember, your teachers always told you to develop a habit of reading. But we never touched any other book except the one prescribed by our syllabus to ace our exams just to get marks. If I ask you how do spend your leisure? First of all many of you would think for a while and say surfing the net, watching the number of likes on facebook and instagram, isn’t it? But guys have you ever given a thought to what good does all these likes and posts do to you…

But I know a lot of you would definitely be spending your free time reading books. You are on the right track…

Everyone will say we should read books but only few knows why? Unless and until you know the purpose of reading you cannot feel intrinsically motivated to dive in the books. Let’s see the reasons of why one should READ:

  1. Reading stimulates your brain: as exercise is to body reading is to the mind and to keep your mind active you must start reading. It reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia. It’s the best work out for your brain.
  2. Reduces stress : try diving into a good read. It would definitely help you to soothe your mind. This will keep you relax. So take some time out from your busy schedule to read your favourite book.
  3. Improve your memory : when you read a book you try to remember the characters and the story. This helps to form new neural pathways and keeps your brain active. You try to imagine the characters and this helps to improve your memory.
  4. Enhance vocabulary : are you running out of words or do you sound redundant when you describe something? You can overcome this by reading books. The more you read the more words you are exposed to and this will help you to use the right word at the right time.
  5. Write better: all the great writers are well read people. Reading exposes you to varied styles of writing and this will help you to enhance your writing skills.
  6. Books are really the true friends : Many of you may not like to socialise more. Sometimes even your true friends may be demanding. But a book never demands anything in return and helps you to learn a lot of lessons which you can apply in your daily life.

Four years ago if someone would ask me to recommend a good book then I would google it and tell them. But today if you ask me the same question then I can suggest you the best books when it comes to non fiction genre. Reading has changed my life. So go and grab a book and start reading.

The treasure hidden in the books cannot be measured from outside..

You gotta dive into the book to realize it’s beauty…

Here are the few books which I really loved reading and would suggest you to read:

  1. Who will cry when you die? By Robin Sharma
  2. The leader who had no title : by Robin Sharma
  3. Rich dad ,poor dad : by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Letcher
  4. Who moved my cheese? By Spencer Johnson
  5. The power of your subconscious mind : by Joseph Murthy

Tips to be fluent at English

You would have tried all the way possible to get the command over your spoken English but at the end you don’t get the satisfying results and this takes your motivation away. Well.. Now you don’t need to worry about improving your English because in this post I have mentioned all the important tips and tricks which I use to improve my language skills. Hope these tips will definitely fetch you good results:

  1. Speak: without judging yourself for your accent or pronunciation just start speaking in English. You don’t need to sound like a native. You just have to communicate your thoughts to the one who is listening to you. Grammar, pronunciation, enunciation and intonation comes next. First you must get comfortable with speaking that is what fluency is all about .
  2. Listen: Try watching videos and movies in English. Listen to english songs that suits your interest. Why not dedicate a english song for your crush? Learning should be fun. Listening teach you to pronounce the words correctly and also helps you to understand where to take pauses.
  3. Think in English : many of you would say that you could not find a partner to speak in English. So, in that case why not start thinking in your head in English.
  4. Vocabulary : learning new words is very important if you don’t want to sound redundant while speaking. Wait.. Here I am not saying to start boasting in front of your friends using difficult words. First you must learn the high frequency words which are used in everyday parlance. Make a promise to learn one new word daily.
  5. Write: penning your thoughts down is the best exercise for your brain to help you form sentences. Start writing journal in English. Write about the things that made your day…etc..

Above all , always remember you can never achieve perfection in a language. You need the affinity towards the language to explore more arenas of it. Everytime you learn something new about the language you would realise that there is so much more to learn. Don’t think to become perfect. Just focus on how well you can convey your message to the person you are talking to.

She chose to embrace the uncertainty..

Life will put you in situation

When you would be confused where to put your attention?

On one side you may have to attend the boring sessions…

While the other side is pulling you towards your passion

Ambiguity is what she could see all around her

Her heart sang a different song which could not resonate with the music playing around her

Yeah!! They say patience is virtue..

But there were situations when she didn’t know what to do

She was happy from outside but not satisfied

Because some paths and destinations were still unidentified

A part of her would tell her to abscond

A part of her reinforced her to face the unknown

She always believed in the thought that “Whatever happens..happens for a good reason”

She chose to appreciate things around her as she knew one day there would be a different season

A season of dreams converting into reality

A season when all her efforts will bear fruits and her heart would dance with ecstasy

But for now, she chose to embrace the uncertainity…

Every time I fall I rise to become more wise

When I was a kid I never knew what adjustment is..
I never knew how it feels when people fail at things
The saying that “failures are the stepping stone to success” was only confined to the quotes and stories I read in the books
I used to think that the one who fails in exams or is not doing academically well will never achieve anything bigger in life
But I was wrong..
Today after facing failures I realised that one’s capability can never be judged by the marks they score in their exams
No.. I am not embarrassed to share my stories of failures with the world out there
Because I know I have learnt a lot on the way and now I don’t have any hesitation to say..
The girl who never knew what falling down is…
The girl who always kept herself in her comfort zone and never pushed her limits..
The girl who was once too afraid to let her true self do the talk is now so comfortable in revealing her flaws to the world out there because our imperfections make us unique..
Today the same girl is more stronger…more fearless…more confident…
She has discovered her hidden potential
She has learnt that life isn’t a smooth sail but it’s the best teacher…
Life is damn adventurous for those who are always curious

Sometimes the only answer to the hearts innumerable questions is “Patience”…

When we were kids and badly wanted any toy or bicycle then we were always told to wait for some time. Our parents used to tell us that if we get good marks in the exam then they will buy us that toy or game or bicycle. Then we would pour our whole heart and soul into studies so that we could score well in the exam and influence our parents so that our wish get fulfilled. But it won’t end there….

Then we grow up and have different wishes and goals. No-one would get what they want in a snap of finger. They had to wait. Sometimes to achieve that one goal you are ready to sacrifice your comfort and small pleasures. You adjust in different situations because you know one day you would be doing the thing you love to do but before that you may have to do things that really sucks. It requires courage, faith and immense amount of will power to row this boat. But “mind will be mind”. It will keep questioning and may make you restless and anxious on the way. You may find difficult to figure out things and then you go to your friends or family expecting they would be knowing answers to all your questions as if they don’t they don’t have any problem in their own lives.

The anwer to all your questions lies with you. All you need is – pay attention to that inner voice which has remained unnoticed from so many days because you were too busy to hear the surrounding noise. But for some questions the only answer you hear is “Have patience”.

Life is too short to think what others may think of you

A kid is always happy because he or she never fears to be judged by someone, rather they live their every moment to the fullest with a “never fading” wide grin on their faces. But as we grow up we are bombarded with the “dos and donts” which we are told to keep in mind when we face others. This makes us more cautious about our behaviour and thus acts as a barrier to unfold our true nature. This gives rise to comparison and the result of any kind of comparison is always disappointment. Do you really think this is the right way to live our lives?

Many a times we take our lives for granted. We think we have so many days to live. But believe me it isn’t so. You won’t be knowing when the day will come when you would be lying on your deathbed regretting for not letting the real you come out. We know we are unique and different but even then we try to imitate the crowd and later worry about whether people would embrace for who you are or not. The reality is everyone loves originality. Only fake loves fake. So, why bother about being judged by someone who is totally different than you. The most important thing is “your love for yourself“. People will come and go but no one will understand you the way you do. Do what you think is right and let go off the outcome.

Always remember you cannot please everyone but the power to please yourself lies in your hands.

Tips to nail any competitive exam

Once you finish your schooling you are faced with these “competitive exams” for your bachelor’s degree program or masters or post doctorate etc.. etc.. Different exams are related to different courses but the strategy to crack any competitive exam remains the same. So here I am to share some of the tips which would be very helpful for you to ace these exams:

  1. Positive mindset: your mindset plays the most important role before you begin your journey of examinations. People around you may or may not support you in your journey but you must have immense faith in your abilities. Treat exams like exams. Don’t link the happiness of your life with success or failure in exams.
  2. Go through the syllabus and previous year question papers: the basic strategy to crack the examination remains the same every year and to form that strategy you must go through the syllabus and previous year question papers. This will help you to to focus on topics which has greater cost benefit ratio in turn help you to be more directional and productive in your preparation.
  3. Less is more: once you know what the exam is all about so now it’s time to choose the weapons. These weapons are the sources you need to put your hands on to ace the particular exam. Always remember that you choose the relevant sources and not waste your time over too many books. It’s better to revise one effective book hundred times than to waste your precious time reading things that won’t benefit you at all in the exams.
  4. Revise and repeat: no one in this world can be a winner by practising for one day before the final game. You gotta revise the things time and again so that it completely get drilled in your head and help you to understand the topics in depth.
  5. Don’t substitute basic books with high standard books: even if you are a master in any field never forget to start with the basics. That’s why it’s called “base”. Unless and until you have a strong unshakeable base you cannot think of making your concepts clear. Once you finish reading simple stuffs then it becomes easy for you to comprehend the tough material. But remember not to go for too tough material otherwise you would spend more time over one topic which may not fetch you satisfying results.
  6. Test yourself: test is very important if you want to make yourself aware of the weakness and strength in any particular subject. While giving test never forget to analyse your performance and focus on areas which need improvement.

Well… these were the tips I wanted to share with you and I hope it would definitely help you in your exam preparation phase.

Good luck…be confident😊👍