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You don’t need a tag to realize the worth of your passion

Many times we all hear “follow your passion“. But, I would like to put it in a slightly different manner :” Dive into any activity which thrills you from the bottom of your heart and one day your passion will follow you“. To pursue your passion you don’t need to seek validation or an outside approval. Many a times your passion may turn out to be your profession but this isn’t true in all the cases. Does that mean you should not take some time out for your passion? No. I have seen people doubting their passions when they are not able to pay their bills by it. See passion, hobbies are the activities which brings you closer to “yourself”. Whenever you are doing things in which you completely lose the sense of the surrounding and time is called “Passion”. The amount of self satisfaction you would get in return would be beyond any measure.

For example, writing is one of my passion. That doesn’t mean that I need to be a published author to write what I want to. All I need is a platform where I can express my thoughts and freely convey my feelings on whichever topic I want. Similarly, take some time out from your profession to do things for which you are truly and deeply passionate because life is too short to sit and wait for the right time. Try spending less time in gossips and unproductive activities. Do something productive each and every day. It can be anything.

Do share the activities for which you are truly passionate in the comments. Would love to hear from you.

Let me share with you my passions :

  1. Writing
  2. Reading books
  3. Public speaking
  4. Improving my English vocabulary
  5. Singing

Bring that inner desire in you to make a difference before you leave this world…. Only then you would be able to live like legends…

The theory of love

The stories of Romeo and Juliet define love in it’s own way

The love of Shah Jahan for Mumtaz is reflected in the aura of the Taj Mahal

The Hollywood and the Bollywood movies have their own way to portray love

But what explains it the best is the “experience of falling in love

Late night phone calls and talking for hours and hours may not be the right way to express love

Buying those expensive gifts for your partner may offer them with the short term pleasure which may not be ever lasting

Going for dinner in the fanciest restaurant would definitely satiate their hunger for delicious food but may still fail to fill the lacunas of “feeling loved”

If love is about always being physically close to each other then what term would you give for the love between a soldier who is fighting on the border and his wife who is miles way?

Their bonding is still strong and the love never fades away..

If love is about offering expensive gifts to each other

Then how will the couples with a meagre income express their love for each other

If love is about always being available..

Then how will the two persons work to develop their own identity individually

You both are complete without each other..

But actually together you enhance each other..

A bit of humour would make this relationship more adorable

I know that there may not be the exact definition of love…

And love has so many branches too..

It’s an emotion..a serene feeling

The words may fail to convey it’s latent meaning

It’s something so genuine and pure..

It has the power to heal the ailment which the medicines fail to cure

It’s not about the quantity of time you spend with each other

It’s about the quality of time when you make the other person feel “Yes, you are the special one”

Focus on the progress.. Not the feelings

Today you may be on cloud nine..

Tomorrow you may feel devastated…

Day after tomorrow the situation exacerbates and you start feeling perplexed..

You would definitely work more when you feel good and won’t feel like doing anything when you feel low. What does that mean? This shows your mind and thoughts are controlling your actions and your response to the situations is decided by your mindset. But mind is your tool and it’s work is to serve you. Are you getting what I am trying to convey here?

We all set goals, we all have high aspirations but very few among us can maintain consistency. The reason is that most of the times our external environment influence our thoughts so much that indirectly it creates a huge impact on our performance. Then how can one tackle this?

The only solution is –you gotta be mindful of your thoughts and remind yourself again and again that you are the master of your brain. You can change your thoughts and feelings. The moment you do this you start taking charge of your life. This will help you to keep progressing inspite of feeling low because now you know that feelings are temporary but your work plays a major role.

In life you would face thousands of situations and meet so many people with differing opinions. Imagine what would happen if you keep disturbing your mindset based on all these external factors. Your head is gonna blast one day😂😂…

So from now onwards let’s keep it this way : “I don’t give a damn what may come “…take a chill pill guys..

The seed when sown in the soil has to face so many vagaries of the nature but still grows into a plant one day bearing fruits..

How to overcome the feeling of loneliness?

Once in a lifetime we all come across situations when we feel very blank, lonely, empty, etc.. The reasons may be many and sometimes it’s difficult to choose one. But don’t worry. Here I am to share few tips that will help you to overcome loneliness:

  1. Write down your feelings : take a pen and a paper. Pour your thoughts on the paper. Let the pen be the channel between your brain and the paper. Let your thoughts flow like butter. Don’t judge your thoughts. This will really lighten your mind. You will feel a bit relaxed. The more interesting way to do this is start writing poem or post on your blog.
  2. Talk to your loved ones : we are humans and we all need someone with whom we feel comfortable to share our feelings. So, pick your phone, call your parents or your spouse,etc.. and let them know how are you feeling.
  3. Try to see the positive side of things : I know it’s easy to say than done but why harm yourself indulging in negative thinking. Try to show gratitude and appreciate things that really means a lot to you. One day everything’s gonna make sense. Believe me. These feelings are temporary and always remember you are strong enough to handle things on your own.
  4. Read: start reading books which suits your genre. Nowadays you can read books online. So, what are you waiting for. Relate yourself to your favourite character. Try forming your stories in your head.
  5. Sleep: the best thing you can do when you are feeling lonely is close your eyes and sleep. You will wake up fresh.
  6. The sun is only one but the stars are many..imagine what would happen if the sun would also start feeling lonely and stops shining….

Try living a life of zero expectations

From scoring high marks in the examinations to falling in love

It all begins with so many expectations in the head

Forgetting that these expectations are the root cause of all the worries and depression

Whether it’s the parents expecting high grades from their children

Or an adult hustling for the job

Whether it’s the love and time you expect from your partner

Forgetting that their way of expressing love and care to you is different then what you do

That’s why not every relationship is successful…

Sometimes we unknowingly become the hindrance in other person’s freedom and always wanting them to fulfill our expectations

Do you think this will make you happy? It may give you a short term pleasure..

But human desires and expectations are unending

So let’s be a little selfless

And start doing things for contentment

Try living a life without expectation

The one who won’t let you sleep empty stomach

He wakes up early in the morning with the first morning ray

When we are still snoring on our beds and lost in our dreams

Just a cup of tea and few biscuits in the morning and sometimes not even that..

He now take his implements and begin his journey to his field, the place where he spend most of his life

He starts working hard without caring about the pain

Barefooted in the field…

Sometimes small thorns may prick, sometimes the ants may bite

But he is totally devoted to his work and won’t stop

He too gets ill..

But rather than spending money in the hospital he somehow try to cure his illness by home remedies

So that he could save some money to purchase the seeds and implements from the market for his field

With the meagre amount he gets.. he somehow send his kids to school so that in future he can prevent them from hustling

During the times of festivals also very rarely he purchase new clothes

The scorching summer heat won’t stop him from working

The winter chills can’t stop him even if he’s shivering

There are times when even the nature betrays him…

The droughts on the one side and the floods on the other

But he won’t lose hope and sow the seeds again

And wait for the plants to give yield and bear fruits…

This food then comes to the market and then our home

And we prepare various delicacies

But have you ever taken a time out to Thank the farmer? No…

We love to watch movies and praise the actors a lot..

When a politician arrives on our place we all make a crowd around them

We respect doctors and engineers

But have you ever shown respect to the person who keeps you alive..

The real hero is The farmer

Develop connections

I know you feel very happy when you send a friend request to someone and that person accepts it. I know you feel very happy when people comment on your uploaded pictures and sometimes you spoil your whole day pondering about the one negative comment on your photo. You start doubting your looks and feel insecure about yourself. But you forget that these comments and likes are just the part of virtual world and the people who do that are just sitting and scrolling down their phone’s screen. A friend on social media doesn’t know you as a person and cannot develop a true connection to understand your emotions.

Nowadays, we all are losing on our communication skills and the reason being lack of face to face conversations. People read many books on how to be a good communicator and join classes too. But it’s all about dealing with it pragmatically. Go and talk to people. There is no substitute for face to face conversations where people exchange ideas, share their opinions, discuss life incidences and understand each other. This helps you to see the world through a different lens and from wider angles. You become more flexible and open to learning. A sense of curiosity arises in you to know more about different things happening in life.

So, from now onwards instead of spending hours on instagram and facebook liking photos and commenting why not call a friend for a coffee and have fascinating conversations? Why not take your parents for a dinner where you have deep conversations and develop a more strong bonding?

Everyone has a story to share but all are waiting for a ear to hear them non judgementally”