Mindful conversations build true connection

You go out with your bestie thinking to have fun and great conversation

But what’s the point of that conversation when you are busy checking notifications on your phone

Busy replying to the e-mails and text messages

Busy in gossiping about the person who is not even present there at that moment

You say you spend quality time with your loved ones

But even during that time your mind is worried about what all works will be assigned to you the next day in your office or college

Feeling of Oneness forms a major role in making the bonds strong

And that happens when you are in the present moment

Observing every bit of what’s happening

Being mindful about your existence and also the existence of the other person

When you genuinely listen to the person and absorb what they are saying

And these conversations leads to meaningful relations

Author: Jyoti Meena😊

#Daydreamer #night thinker I don't need to describe...my writings say it all..feel free to comment if you do or don't agree with my point of view..i use simple feelings and thoughts to write my content..speaks my mind...candid thoughts with a hint of depth... If u love to comprehend emotions and spontaneity at play..read the stuff and follow if u relate!!

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