Stop being clingy

The flower looks beautiful when it is on the plant

But when you pluck it thinking it’s all yours then you take the life out of it

And the flower dies…

Similarly in life there are many things which looks better at their own places

What we normally do?

When we like something too much we try to be possessive about it or we become too much dependent on it thinking our happiness resides in them

No, the key to your happiness is your “Attitude

Today if you wake up and think that the day is boring then definitely it’s gonna be dull and boring

You better wake up full of positivity in your mind and accept the fact that only you have the power to change your emotions

When you fall in love with someone

Fall in love thinking you are already complete in yourself

Never think that you are lacking something and someone’s gonna come and fill those gaps

No… It won’t work that way

It’s true for all the relations

Whether it’s friendship, relationship with your parents or anything

Getting attached or getting too much dependent on others will make you lose “yourself”

You would never realise what you truly want

Take control of your life

Take pride in your abilities

Never compare yourself to someone

Because a bread has it’s own value

The butter has it’s own value too

Together they enhance each other

But they do have their individual identity

Author: Jyoti Meena😊

#Daydreamer #night thinker I don't need to writings say it all..feel free to comment if you do or don't agree with my point of view..i use simple feelings and thoughts to write my content..speaks my mind...candid thoughts with a hint of depth... If u love to comprehend emotions and spontaneity at the stuff and follow if u relate!!

11 thoughts on “Stop being clingy”

  1. Wow what a great post! Made me think about a lot of things.

    This line of yours got to be my favourite. “ Getting attached or getting too dependent on others will make you lose yourself”

    I couldn’t agree with you more. At first you would think that it’s a good thing and you’re building your character to be better. But it’s actually the opposite.

    I enjoyed this very much thank you 😊

    Liked by 2 people

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