It all depends on how badly you want it…

Life is like a rudderless boat in the ocean when you don’t have any ambition. Goals give you direction and sometimes a reason to live in situations when you feel shattered. It becomes a hope in situations when you are surrounded by darkness from all the sides.

Goal setting is easy but achieving that particular goal is not a cake walk. You can tell people about it and build castles in the air but that would end up making you a big fool. I’m not saying sharing your dreams or goals is a wrong thing. First you must earn credibility so that you can confidently share your vision with others and make them rely on you. Even writing a hundred pages plan to achieve your goals will go in vain if you don’t stick to it. There may be times when you have to be dynamic and make some changes as per the situations.

Keep bigger goals but to achieve that big goal you should break it in chunks and achieve it step by step. You got to be prudent enough on the way. You must think from all the dimensions, keep your mind open so that you can be flexible.

Motivation plays a very important role. Never search for motivation outside. Intrinsic motivation is more important than extrinsic motivation. Your passion should be enough to make you jump out of the bed in the morning.

When a farmer sows a seed in the field then he has to look after it again and again. Similarly if you wish to reach a certain height in your ambitions then you should constantly think about it, make it your habit.

Before you set a goal better ask yourself- “How badly you want it?”

Always accept this bitter truth..

Everyone may not believe in your dreams..

They may think it’s out of your reach…

But nothing should stop you from moving forward…

Author: Jyoti Meena😊

#Daydreamer #night thinker I don't need to writings say it all..feel free to comment if you do or don't agree with my point of view..i use simple feelings and thoughts to write my content..speaks my mind...candid thoughts with a hint of depth... If u love to comprehend emotions and spontaneity at the stuff and follow if u relate!!

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