Don’t let the outside noise dominate your inner voice

You are born like a book lying blank on the desk

Every page is waiting to be filled with words and narrate the story of your life

You can pick up the pen and start writing the chapters of your life as per your choice

Or can wait for someone else to come and write “your book based on their thoughts and perspective”..

Which one do you think is better?

I feel it’s better to write your story in your own way

Once you start scribbling you cannot erase or tear the page

But you can definitely write a new story from the new page

Sometimes if things don’t go your way

Someone may spill water on the written pages

But that’s not the end of your story

With courage and patience you can start writing again

Let’s not depend on someone else to write your life’s story

Get up and live “your” life

Today you may be confused about what you want to do in your life. Chill.. there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s better to be confused than blindly follow someone’s footsteps. Spend some time with yourself. Find out what interests you the most. Try different things so that you would be able to understand what you love to do. You can do anything but it’s better to do “the thing that makes you feel alive”. Keep exploring and keep learning. You will fall.. You will fail. Don’t let the fear of failure stop you from following your calling. Keep a journal and genuinely write down what makes you happy. Okay..your profession may be different than your passion but you can take out 30 minutes a day for your passion. Life is too short guys and our most of the days are wasted in doing unproductive things or in pleasing others. Start living for yourself. One day you will be lying on the deathbed. The right time to begin anything is now. Be confused…fail..try… get ready to feel embarrassing situation but let nothing extinguish the fire in your soul to follow your dreams. It all starts from a firm belief in yourself.

Author: Jyoti Meena😊

#Daydreamer #night thinker I don't need to writings say it all..feel free to comment if you do or don't agree with my point of view..i use simple feelings and thoughts to write my content..speaks my mind...candid thoughts with a hint of depth... If u love to comprehend emotions and spontaneity at the stuff and follow if u relate!!

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