Now, it’s only you

When my feet trembled and my heart was scared

When I was on the road full of pebbles and thorns

You, became my strength

You gave me the courage to face all the ups and downs

You held my hand to help me get up again when I fell down

Many times I feel there’s no one around except the solitude..

Then I hear your voice “I am there”

You are the first thought in my mind the moment I wake up

You are part of me now

You keep me alive

Now, I don’t care about anything else on the earth

Only I know how much you mean to me

The only thing that matters to me now is “You” – my goals, ambitions and my dreams

Author: Jyoti Meena😊

#Daydreamer #night thinker I don't need to writings say it all..feel free to comment if you do or don't agree with my point of view..i use simple feelings and thoughts to write my content..speaks my mind...candid thoughts with a hint of depth... If u love to comprehend emotions and spontaneity at the stuff and follow if u relate!!

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