It all depends on how badly you want it…

Life is like a rudderless boat in the ocean when you don’t have any ambition. Goals give you direction and sometimes a reason to live in situations when you feel shattered. It becomes a hope in situations when you are surrounded by darkness from all the sides.

Goal setting is easy but achieving that particular goal is not a cake walk. You can tell people about it and build castles in the air but that would end up making you a big fool. I’m not saying sharing your dreams or goals is a wrong thing. First you must earn credibility so that you can confidently share your vision with others and make them rely on you. Even writing a hundred pages plan to achieve your goals will go in vain if you don’t stick to it. There may be times when you have to be dynamic and make some changes as per the situations.

Keep bigger goals but to achieve that big goal you should break it in chunks and achieve it step by step. You got to be prudent enough on the way. You must think from all the dimensions, keep your mind open so that you can be flexible.

Motivation plays a very important role. Never search for motivation outside. Intrinsic motivation is more important than extrinsic motivation. Your passion should be enough to make you jump out of the bed in the morning.

When a farmer sows a seed in the field then he has to look after it again and again. Similarly if you wish to reach a certain height in your ambitions then you should constantly think about it, make it your habit.

Before you set a goal better ask yourself- “How badly you want it?”

Always accept this bitter truth..

Everyone may not believe in your dreams..

They may think it’s out of your reach…

But nothing should stop you from moving forward…


I have seen myself growing…

The books became my friends

The surroundings became my teacher

The experiences taught me a lesson which the school and the university failed to do

The situations made me a person who is totally different than what I could ever imagine as a child..

I have seen myself getting off the track

I have seen myself breaking down

I have seen myself shedding tears all alone

I have seen myself sitting in a corner feeling helpless

I have seen myself getting trapped in the so called failure trap

I have seen myself developing strength to face all the failures

I have seen myself falling down

I have seen myself getting up with a hope to succeed again

I have seen myself feeling heartbroken when I realised how easily people change

I have seen myself feeling strong when those who truly care for me were ready to hold my hand

I didn’t fear of being alone so I decided to leave those who just knew how to fake things..

I started looking at things as they are and this taught me not to expect too much from anyone

I started defining success differently

I started being what I am and I said what I felt

And now I won’t stop

If I fall down..

I will get up again

If there are people who think I am weak

Then I will focus on people who believe in my abilities

I’m ready to walk alone

And I am ready to invest my energy in discovering the unknown

When you know what you want then everything else becomes secondary…

Parents understand your feelings

They may act as if they are unaware of what’s going on in your life

They may pretend as if they know nothing about your daily titbits

But they actually do…

They know when you are lying and when your talks are true

They know when to act like a buddy and when to be your mentor

They know when to give you space and they know when to encourage you when you are on a undulated pace

They know when you need their advice because they know you may be an adult but still not that wise

They are ready to sacrifice their morsel of food to satiate your hunger

They may pretend as if everything’s alright even if things seem in danger

They make you laugh

They answer your cries

They never expect anything in return except love from your side

And what can you do?

Yes… Life is too busy

But if you can spend some time on your mobile phones checking notifications

Then why can’t you spend some quality time with your parents keeping your phones aside for a while

Why can’t you develop the courage to share your goals and visions with them?

You would say they may not understand your thoughts

Yes, they may not..

But they do understand you..

They can sense what makes you happy

They can see the enthusiasm and curiosity in your eyes when you discuss your personal and professional goals with them

How would this happen?

This may require patience

But talk to them..ask them to put forth their opinions

And listen to them without labelling their advice as right or wrong

Yes, they may not be always right but heart to heart conversations makes the bonding more strong

They will definitely encourage you if you yourself are clear about your decisions

Yes, you must have the clarity first if you expect others to understand you

Life is too short

And it all depends on you how you make your loved ones feel special

This can happen only when you love them selflessly…

The indefinable emotions…

The emotions of sadness

The emotions of joy

The emotions of separation

The emotions of unison

Books define different emotions using varied vocabulary and it all depends on the emotions the writer is experiencing at that particular point of time

If the writer is calm and peaceful so will be the words scribbled on the paper which was once lying blank on the table…

The same blank page act as the window to the chain of emotions residing in the writer’s mind

Humans are lucky…

They can say what they feel

And if speaking out things don’t work then they can pen down their thoughts…

Yeah… These emotions are contagious

If you develop hatred for someone

Then “hatred” is what you are gonna receive

But recall the days when you feel extremely happy

The wide grin on your face is enough to reflect your state of elated bliss

You treat the people you meet with a warm and genuine smile

And your glittering eyes are enough to convey a message in a short while

The movies have a different style of conveying these emotions in the form of mental images perceived by the movie maker

But a lot of times we confuse these mental images with reality

The artist portray these emotions by letting the thoughts take form of a image by using variety of colours which add life to the emotions

The singer choose to sing the song which suits best with his or her state of mind…

The variation in the pitch of the song say it all…

Ohh! These emotions…

They can be felt…

They can be expressed…

They can be shared…

But still even you make use of different notions…

You would realise “indefinable” are these emotions…

How to write a best blog post?

Every day a new member enters in the family of bloggers. Some of them are already aware of the blogging world but there are many who are still hesitant to publish their first post. So today I would like to share the tips which would help you to write the best post. So let’s get started:

  1. Write for yourself: Remember why you started blogging. You wanted to share your views, ideas and experiences with more number of people. But now you are a bit reluctant to freely express your thoughts. Always remember original things are embraced more. Your readers would love you more when you express “your” ideas in the post. People will give their opinion on the basis of their personal interests but that should not influence your real thought process. You are extremely lucky that being a writer you have the capability to let your thoughts and feelings fly freely in the world through your write ups, so why not grab this opportunity to give wings to your weirdest or sillest fantasies.
  2. Don’t care too much about the grammar: Writing is all about connecting your thoughts to the person who reads your content. If your content is easily understood by the people and they can comprehend your message then you don’t need to focus too much on your vocabulary and grammar. Keep it simple and with time you would improve your writing skills. Remember you are here to share your ideas, thoughts and experience, not to qualify any language exam.
  3. Read more: We all need food for body. Similarly, reading is the food for a writer’s brain. If you are a well read person then you can come up with new ideas and this will also help you to improve your writing skills. Read the books of the genres you wish to write. Understand how the message is conveyed, sentences are formed and keep a note of it in your mind. Read others blog post so that you will get a brief idea about the writers way of looking at things differently.
  4. Learn from real life experiences: Life teaches you so many lessons but you need to be a good observer. When you pen down the real life incidents then you don’t need to think too much. The words come spontaneously. And you may never know there may be readers who might have been through the same phase so they would definitely love your post.
  5. Keep it simple: Try to use simple words and sentences so that your readers can easily understand your post. Someone has rightly said -“Simplicity is the ultimate way of sophistication”. It is equally true for writing.

Thank you, I hope the tips mentioned above be helpful for you.😊

Let your spark speak..

In the room full of lights lived a candle under an old table where people fail to notice it

Well… Who would bother to light up the candle when the room was full of bright tube lights and bulbs…

Poor candle felt heartbroken and sad

Thinking there’s no-one who would help it to see it’s light again

Then on a stormy dark night

The lights went off

Some people entered the room

But all they could see was darkness all around

“There was a candle lying under the table”- said the little girl in joy

She took the candle and lighted it

The darkness faded away

The spark of the candle was on it’s way

The candle felt extremely happy this day

All of us carry a unique spark…And the day you realize this that day you are definitely gonna create a mark”

The Life express

“May I have your attention please, the train, “The life express” is shortly arriving on platform number….”

Life is like a train

And you are the passenger

This train named “The Life Express” starts from the day your heart starts beating for the first time and stops when your heart stops beating

It runs on the fuels called love, dreams, relations…

You have to get down on many stations, play your role and get back to the train

You cannot get back to the same station again

You don’t have the option called “pull the chain”

You have no control over the speed of the train

When the times are hard then the speed may be slow

During the phase of happiness this train may take up speed and you wish to pull the chain so that you can enjoy this phase more

Your fellow passengers keep on changing

They all are strangers to you at first

But with time you can relate to them

You start developing connections

The connection of love and friendship

The strong and true connections lasts for longer while the weak connections are easy to break

Some bid you good bye from the station and may not accompany you in the journey

Some passengers be with you till the last stop

While there are many who get down on a station different from yours but they leave a special place in your heart

The quality of time you spend with them matters more than the length of the time you spend with them

Sometimes you feel “I wish had known this person earlier

There are times when you wish to spend more time with a particular person

You want the hands of the clock to stop so that you can know this person more

But life is very good at playing tricks

And these tricks teach you to be patient, humble and value the things you receive

Some of the stations are totally unpredictable

All of us have experienced this at some point of time

You would have dreamt of becoming a lawyer but at present you may be sitting in your clinic treating the patients

You would have thought of becoming an engineer but today you may be an author

This is the beauty and randomness of this train

This train won’t go as per your directions

But you must never lose the opportunity to enjoy the journey

The ultimate destination of this train called “The Life Express” is death

So better live every moment of the journey to the fullest and so that you can happily arrive at the destination