Trust your gut to avoid all the rut

There are lot of books and stuffs out there which talks about planning your goals and life but i believe life has it’s own path. Sometimes you can’t even imagine in your wildest dreams what life can bring forth. If you put your 24 hrs in planning Part A of your life and you end up landing on the destination of part B. It’s good to have goals, ambitions and plans but what makes life dull is when you take those plans too seriously. Most of the time in our lives we find ourselves dwelling in the past or planning too much about the future which is completely an illusion. If you really wish to be happy and avoid all sorts of regrets in life then take your decisions based on the present scenario keeping a blur idea of the future. This decision will be completely rational and one day you would thank yourself that you took that decision. While making any choice or putting yourself into something always remember that “change is the only constant”. We all change with time based on the situations and priorities in our lives so if you are someone who expect things to remain the same then believe me you would end up getting disappointed in life because change is the universal law of nature. So, next time when you take any decision in life keep in mind that things may not go as per your plan but you are provided with enough potential to mold yourself based on the demand of the situation. The voice that will guide you to right decisions in your life is- “your gut“. Many times we turn a blind eye to our inner voice thinking that what if we may make wrong choices but believe me deep inside you always know what’s right and wrong for you, so bring your attention inside, focus within and trust your gut if you wish to avoid all the rut.

Don’t settle for less….

“Earning a living is not difficult….living your dream makes your life worth living”

Jyoti Meena

The newly born child cannot say what he or she is meant to contribute to the world. The same child grows into an adult and even then he/she is not able to figure out their passion or purpose. Many of us think those who are passionate about something is their inborn talent or they figured out things at early age. Many times we call it luck. But none of this is true. Those who are passionate about something have actually spend more time doing that activity, tried to discover it’s depth and hence they understood the things from the core in that particular area. This is no easy task. This do requires patience, perseverance and razor sharp focus. Most of the time people have preconceived notions about the particular activity or profession. This sucks out the joy of discovering the unknown areas and the person is only concerned about the results. Destinations are always sweeter but the journey is not separate from the destination. Destination is also a part of the journey only. Don’t mistake hard for impossible. It all begins with the mindset.

The journey begins only when you know in which direction you should take your first step. Many of us set small targets, are skeptical about our potential or are waiting for someone to believe in our caliber. Always remember, no one except you know yourself to the core. Only you can set limitations in your path and only you can bring the mountain down to your knees. Many times people judge you based upon your past failures and setbacks. Well..there’s no bigger fool than you if you start doubting yourself based on someone else’s opinion. Opinions are meant to be respected but they are not facts. Let your actions speak. On the other hand there are people who are always their to bolster you up during tough times because they have immense faith in you. If you have such people in your life then don’t forget to take some time out to appreciate them from the bottom of your heart.

The more you understand yourself the easier it is to find areas of your interests. But very few of us spend time in solitude. Most of our time goes in scrolling down on our phone screens or gossiping. Life is too short. You never know what may happen. All the world’s greatest inventions and revolutions initiated from a thought. Observe what you say to yourself. Try to be optimistic. If you are serious of achieving your targets then don’t forget to write them down. Make it part of your thinking. Once you know what you are meant to do then give your heart and soul to it. The journey may be monotonous, tiring or boring but you should not lose your confidence at any cost. You cannot settle for less.No more compromises please.You deserve better.You are meant to create a difference, a dent in the universe. Sometimes, you have to make bold decisions so that you don’t regret later in your life. This requires immense level of courage and self belief. Reconsider what you truly need.

If you agree to things you don’t really want, you are building a life that doesn’t reflect your own needs and identity. Allow yourself to pause and go inward.

The lessons worth sharing

You might have read so many books, watched many movies which teach lessons on life but the real lessons are always learnt from your experiences only. It’s a natural human tendency that humans generally don’t take advice from someone else but if we ourselves go through the same situation then only we understand the value of the advice that someone once gave us because that person wanted us to learn from their mistakes. In this post i would love to share some lessons which i feel are worth sharing with my readers:

  • People listen what they want to hear: whenever you are having conversation with anybody at any point of time always keep in mind it’s not at all necessary that what you are talking is being understood by the person you are having conversation with. Very few people actually care about what’s happening in your life. Most of the people only listen to things which makes them happy or are doing them some sort of benefit. The only solution to handle this is never expect the other person to understand things from your end otherwise you will surely be disappointed. You just share whatever you want to so that the things don’t keep on troubling you again and again. And on a personal note i would rather suggest you to write every thought on the paper and later throw it, tear it or burn it. This truly works. If you are a blogger or a writer you are really at advantage. You can express your emotions by writing poems. Believe me writing is the best therapy to make you calm and later you can get back to the most important tasks.

  • Your parents are your true well wishers: we all have friends. They all are good but at one or the other point of time in life even the friend whom you are very close to may act selfish. But, your parents will always be there for you whenever you would call them. This is selfless love. Never forget to spend a quality time with your parents.

  • Keep your interests first: always remember you can’t please everyone on this earth. For example, if the world would have not adopted the new technology methods thinking it will not be accepted by people who follow traditional methods then we won’t come across the fourth industrial revolution. Similarly in life too do what’s right for you without worrying what the world think. At least “your happiness is totally under your control”.

  • Never take any action when you are angry, sad or too excited: whenever your mind is feeling extreme levels of joy or sadness or your anger is at the top then please do yourself a favor. Never ever go and react immediately. Take some deep breaths , relax, bring yourself back to normalcy then act. If you really want to avoid regrets in your life then you must always keep this point in mind.

  • Believe in yourself till your last breath: wherever you are, whatever may be the situation you cannot come out of it unless and until you believe in yourself. Your parents, friends, spouse, etc..can only encourage you or can provide you with the external motivation but at the end it’s only you who has to take action. You cannot succeed at anything in life unless and until you have a firm faith in your abilities. Believe me you are so much more powerful than any circumstances of your life. Even if you are alone on the path the divinity will be there to guide you only when you believe in yourself.

  • Cherish every moment: all of us have very few days left in our lives. Always remember to shed your love in the lives of people who truly cares for you. Don’t forget to thank those who are always there for you. Be happy and spread the happiness in your ambiance.


In today’s world of social media platforms and surrounded by number of smart phone devices we spend very less time with ourselves. We are either waiting for the notifications to pop up on our mobile phones or waiting for the comments. We know what interests our friends and family members. We know the aspirations of the people in our contact but very few of us can answer to the question: “What is my purpose or passion?” The reason is “we never question ourselves”. We waste time in overthinking, worrying, thinking about the past or worrying about the future but we never do the right questioning.

You know when you fall in love with someone you have a natural tendency to be curious about the other person. This curiosity helps you to know more and more about each other and as a result the bonding of the love grows stronger. Similarly, learn to spend more time with yourself. Write your thoughts down, start writing journal where you can keep records of your goals and hobbies and track your growth. Being alone with your thoughts gives your brain a chance to wander, which can help you become more creative. Believe me you will start discovering the hidden potential in you if you spend at least 20-30 minutes a day in solitude. Spending time alone can give you a chance to ensure there’s a purpose to all of your hustling and bustling. Quiet space provides an opportunity to think about your goals, your progress, and changes you want to make in your life. You will embrace every bit in you. Solitude is the need of the hour in today’s world of competition and social media. When you’re by yourself, you can make choices without outside influences. And that will help you develop more insight into who you are as a person.

If you are still breathing today then you are definitely alive for a purpose. There’s lot of power in your thoughts and what you think becomes your reality.So, what are you waiting for. Start discovering yourself.There will be times when “things just seem worthless” but during those times you remember my words:

“Life is a game, it’s an adventure…you are here to live this game and not to leave the game”

An agitated mind is a devil’s workshop

The human brain is an immensely powerful organ

It provides you with the courage to face your fears

And can also compel you to choose the “flight” response and RUN

None of the battles in the battlefield are won without winning over your “MONKEY MIND”

Responding and reacting when angry is more easier than listening patiently and remain kind

But what most of us forget??

We forget that the mind is an organ in “OUR BODY”

It is like a tool and we should not allow it to rule

If you think you are a slave to your mind then you are definitely making yourself a fool

Whether it’s about catching the flight or train in the last minute….

Whether it’s about beating the exam stress….

Whether it is combating the stage fear….

You cannot succeed at any of them until and unless you make your mind clear

Always remember the water when still seems so calm

But the same water when filled with waves and tides can cause mass destruction too…

Some important life lessons

Life is very interesting journey but what makes it more meaningful are the decisions and choices we make. In this post i would like to share some important life lessons which will help you for sure at each and every stage of your life.

  1. One thing at a time: if you think you can multitask then you are dwelling in the biggest illusion. you must remind yourself again and again that multitasking is the biggest myth. You must practice focus. Focus and concentration come through practice. The way you exercise your body muscles by going to the gym, similarly, you must train your brain too if you really want to achieve your goals. to do this you must learn to prioritize things well. This won’t happen in your head. You must write things down on the piece of paper then act on that basis.
  2. Keep yourself calm: your brain functions at its best when it is totally at peace. Only you can ensure how to keep your mind calm in every situation. Never make important decisions when you are too excited, stressed or angry. Go for a walk, take some deep breath, listen to music etc.. I would suggest to write all your troubling thoughts on the paper.
  3. Attitude matters: people will watch innumerable motivational videos, read number of self help books but still cannot change their negative attitude. Tell me if worrying would have solved all the problems then everyone on this earth would begin their day shedding tears or yelling at someone. “Worry” is your biggest enemy and the worst energy sucker. Worrying about things only stop you from enjoying the “present moments”. Lets learn from the plants. The plants in the deserts don’t worry thinking about the harsh climate outside. These plants develop mechanisms that help them to deal with the harsh conditions like modification in their leaves, developing a thin film of waxy layer to prevent water loss etc.. We all know that our thoughts are totally our choice then better to choose thoughts that make you happy. Be happy… be optimistic… life is too short to be sad.
  4. Focus on your growth: don’t waste your precious time and energy behind people who take you for granted. Never cling on to anything. If someone wants to walk away from your life then let them happily go. If someone give rise to negativity then eliminate them totally from your life and thoughts. These people can only add toxicity in your life, beware. You have certain goals which demand a hell lot of energy. Always keep yourself at the top of your priority list. You are not on this earth to please everyone but at least you have total control on how to please yourself.
  5. Value those who truly cares for you: there are some people in your life who love you unconditionally. Never bring tears to their eyes because sometimes you never know they make you their first priority keeping everything aside. Never miss a chance to make them feel special. They can be your parents, your friends, your spouse..etc..
  6. Be kind: in the hustle and bustle of our lives we are forgetting how to be kindhearted. We yell unnecessary on people who never did anything wrong. Always remember each and everyone on this earth is going through one or the other struggles of their life. The only difference is some keep things to themselves and some like to share. So, whenever you come across anyone then please be kind to them because words have the power to heal the ailments which medicines cant.

How to overcome the feeling of loneliness?

Once in a lifetime we all come across situations when we feel very blank, lonely, empty, etc.. The reasons may be many and sometimes it’s difficult to choose one. But don’t worry. Here I am to share few tips that will help you to overcome loneliness:

  1. Write down your feelings : take a pen and a paper. Pour your thoughts on the paper. Let the pen be the channel between your brain and the paper. Let your thoughts flow like butter. Don’t judge your thoughts. This will really lighten your mind. You will feel a bit relaxed. The more interesting way to do this is start writing poem or post on your blog.
  2. Talk to your loved ones : we are humans and we all need someone with whom we feel comfortable to share our feelings. So, pick your phone, call your parents or your spouse,etc.. and let them know how are you feeling.
  3. Try to see the positive side of things : I know it’s easy to say than done but why harm yourself indulging in negative thinking. Try to show gratitude and appreciate things that really means a lot to you. One day everything’s gonna make sense. Believe me. These feelings are temporary and always remember you are strong enough to handle things on your own.
  4. Read: start reading books which suits your genre. Nowadays you can read books online. So, what are you waiting for. Relate yourself to your favourite character. Try forming your stories in your head.
  5. Sleep: the best thing you can do when you are feeling lonely is close your eyes and sleep. You will wake up fresh.
  6. The sun is only one but the stars are many..imagine what would happen if the sun would also start feeling lonely and stops shining….

The one who won’t let you sleep empty stomach

He wakes up early in the morning with the first morning ray

When we are still snoring on our beds and lost in our dreams

Just a cup of tea and few biscuits in the morning and sometimes not even that..

He now take his implements and begin his journey to his field, the place where he spend most of his life

He starts working hard without caring about the pain

Barefooted in the field…

Sometimes small thorns may prick, sometimes the ants may bite

But he is totally devoted to his work and won’t stop

He too gets ill..

But rather than spending money in the hospital he somehow try to cure his illness by home remedies

So that he could save some money to purchase the seeds and implements from the market for his field

With the meagre amount he gets.. he somehow send his kids to school so that in future he can prevent them from hustling

During the times of festivals also very rarely he purchase new clothes

The scorching summer heat won’t stop him from working

The winter chills can’t stop him even if he’s shivering

There are times when even the nature betrays him…

The droughts on the one side and the floods on the other

But he won’t lose hope and sow the seeds again

And wait for the plants to give yield and bear fruits…

This food then comes to the market and then our home

And we prepare various delicacies

But have you ever taken a time out to Thank the farmer? No…

We love to watch movies and praise the actors a lot..

When a politician arrives on our place we all make a crowd around them

We respect doctors and engineers

But have you ever shown respect to the person who keeps you alive..

The real hero is The farmer

Finding the answers

Walking on the path

Trying to find a way which calms my heart

Looking at those who already reached their destination

Thinking why am I still stuck on the way not able to figure out my passion

Is it my fault? Or I’m being taken away by outside competition?

It’s time to focus on my journey

But there are moments when I find myself disappointed when I go for the option of comparison

But wait..

They say we all are unique in our own way

Then why are we still stuck in this cycle of competition and comparison everyday?

I’m the author of my life

If I start narrating my life story using someone else’s words then that won’t differentiate my life from someone else’s life

Some fault is mine and for the rest I would blame the world

The world that always wants a scale to measure someone’s beauty, intelligence or success

Ask yourself a genuine question :Aren’t we all busy in comparison than finding satisfaction in what we have?

Why one should indulge in “Reading books”?

Remember, your teachers always told you to develop a habit of reading. But we never touched any other book except the one prescribed by our syllabus to ace our exams just to get marks. If I ask you how do you spend your leisure? First of all many of you would think for a while and say surfing the net, watching the number of likes on facebook and instagram, isn’t it? But guys have you ever given a thought to what good does all these likes and posts do to you…

But I know a lot of you would definitely be spending your free time reading books. You are on the right track…

Everyone will say we should read books but only few knows why? Unless and until you know the purpose of reading you cannot feel intrinsically motivated to dive in the books. Let’s see the reasons of why one should READ:

  1. Reading stimulates your brain: as exercise is to body reading is to the mind and to keep your mind active you must start reading. It reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia. It’s the best work out for your brain.
  2. Reduces stress : try diving into a good read. It would definitely help you to soothe your mind. This will keep you relax. So take some time out from your busy schedule to read your favourite book.
  3. Improve your memory : when you read a book you try to remember the characters and the story. This helps to form new neural pathways and keeps your brain active. You try to imagine the characters and this helps to improve your memory.
  4. Enhance vocabulary : are you running out of words or do you sound redundant when you describe something? You can overcome this by reading books. The more you read the more words you are exposed to and this will help you to use the right word at the right time.
  5. Write better: all the great writers are well read people. Reading exposes you to varied styles of writing and this will help you to enhance your writing skills.
  6. Books are really the true friends : Many of you may not like to socialise more. Sometimes even your true friends may be demanding. But a book never demands anything in return and helps you to learn a lot of lessons which you can apply in your daily life.

Four years ago if someone would ask me to recommend a good book then I would google it and tell them. But today if you ask me the same question then I can suggest you the best books when it comes to non fiction genre. Reading has changed my life. So go and grab a book and start reading.

The treasure hidden in the books cannot be measured from outside..

You gotta dive into the book to realize it’s beauty…

Here are the few books which I really loved reading and would suggest you to read:

  1. Who will cry when you die? By Robin Sharma
  2. The leader who had no title : by Robin Sharma
  3. Rich dad ,poor dad : by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Letcher
  4. Who moved my cheese? By Spencer Johnson
  5. The power of your subconscious mind : by Joseph Murthy