From Green Revolution to Organic Farming

Before independence, the type of crops cultivated in India were more or less based on the demand on the demand of the British government. The demand for commercial/ cash crops was more than food crops. The farmer too adapted themselves to grow commercial crops like cotton, indigo..etc.. and the land was treated on that basis. But no one was aware of the “change in demand” that would take place after independence. The post independence era saw a shift in the demand of the crops from commercial purpose to food crops. Now, there was a need to feed this growing population but even then our government thought agriculture to be resilient enough to be managed on it’s own. We focused on industrialization and other sectors. We later realized that there was an urgent need to come up with land reform measures. Post independence with the implementation of some of the agenda under land reforms, India witnessed expansion of agriculture land and that resulted in higher food production but after the 1 st Five Year Plan the scope of area expansion has been limited. Now there was a need to increase the productivity in the limited area available for production. That is where Green revolution came into play.Green revolution was a productivity revolution.Over years this played an important role in production increase by productivity enhancement and not by area expansion. It acted as a boon to solve the looming hunger problem in India.

Green Revolution success had instituted confidence in our planning process and it helped us develop faith in our agriculture system and since then agriculture relevance to India’s economy was never questioned. Green Revolution also triggered the diversification of industrial development to include petrochemical section like fertilizers and also food processing units which are valuable in post harvest value addition in agriculture. Though intensive use of irrigation and fertilizers under the Green Revolution technology has increased the farm production, it has also given birth to the problem of pests, insects, weeds, rodents, etc. The mono culture promoted by the Green Revolution technology is more vulnerable to the insects and pests.

The demands are again changing and now we should acclimatize ourselves based on the changing demands. The need of the hour is “sustainable agriculture” and this can be achieved through organic farming. This also demands a change in the attitude of farmers. This is a crucial step because the approach to farming problems in an organic system is essentially different from its conventional counterpart. The mechanism of organic marketing is quite different from that of regular marketing of the products produced by conventional farming. Organic markets are still a niche segment in which specific buyers are targeted. Such marketing requires different skills and may call for additional costs in the initial stages. Appropriate networks should also be created in the country for dissemination of information among the farmers about international as well as local markets for organic produce. Apart, a well-thought-out subsidy and other support schemes from govt. are essential, especially, for farmers of developing nations to make the conversion to organic agriculture easier and cheaper, as has been done in some of the developed nations earlier.

The journey of UPSC aspirants

Eagerly waiting for “The Hindu” in the morning

Reading it as if it’s not less than any holy book for us

Yeah, sounds strange to those who read newspaper having tea just to flip pages

But that way won’t work for us

We need to watch the details and some editorials do demand to read between the lines

Those fancy vocabulary used sometimes makes no sense

As they say when things become a necessity you have to do it even it sounds non sense

Our friends spend time browsing stuffs that are amusing and mesmerizing

And we  searching the newly formed policies on google and then memorizing

Sometimes it’s the scheme that is in news

Sometimes it’s the recently launched satellite

Sometimes it’s the blockchain, IOT etc..

Sometimes it’s the conventional methods practised in ancient history

Many of us may forget the name of our own pet but we won’t forget the name of the most endangered species on this earth

When others complete the T.V. series watching all the episodes in a day then brag about it

We are busy watching the lectures on Unacademy and You tube so that reading books don’t seem boring

This exam don’t care about your background

It brings all of us on the same platform

You may be an IIM graduate or an IITian

You may be a doctor or working in a most reputated company earning in lakhs

This exam has got nothing to do with whether you were a topper or didn’t do academically well in your school days

It provides equal opportunity to each and every one to crack this exam provided you should be ready to give whatever it takes to make it happen

Sometimes you may have to go through the arduous journey to achieve the most beautiful zenith waiting for your arrival





The focus dilemma

Book on the table

Waiting for you to unravel the chapter

Eyes trying to converge all attention on the black letters printed on the white pages

But mind jumping like a naughty monkey blurr the vision of the eyes and now the letters just seem like black dots on the white canvas

One thought leads to the other and the cycle never stops

From the thought of what you had for your breakfast to the thought of what your friend told you last week

Pondering over yesterday’s problems or day dreaming about the future events

A different drama plays in your head where you are the director and also play the role of actor and spectator

The thoughts of career and when to begin your preparations for the exams

The thoughts of the mouth watering delicious cuisines

Sometimes you catch yourself imagining in the dress you saw last Sunday in the shop

Sometimes the thoughts of money you have already spend and now thinking how you could have saved it…

Sometimes the thoughts of meeting your family or friends whom you have been missing from the past few days

Well… It’s never ending story of thoughts

And the more you try to put your mind to focus… The more it jumps from one place to another

Tips to nail any competitive exam

Once you finish your schooling you are faced with these “competitive exams” for your bachelor’s degree program or masters or post doctorate etc.. etc.. Different exams are related to different courses but the strategy to crack any competitive exam remains the same. So here I am to share some of the tips which would be very helpful for you to ace these exams:

  1. Positive mindset: your mindset plays the most important role before you begin your journey of examinations. People around you may or may not support you in your journey but you must have immense faith in your abilities. Treat exams like exams. Don’t link the happiness of your life with success or failure in exams.
  2. Go through the syllabus and previous year question papers: the basic strategy to crack the examination remains the same every year and to form that strategy you must go through the syllabus and previous year question papers. This will help you to to focus on topics which has greater cost benefit ratio in turn help you to be more directional and productive in your preparation.
  3. Less is more: once you know what the exam is all about so now it’s time to choose the weapons. These weapons are the sources you need to put your hands on to ace the particular exam. Always remember that you choose the relevant sources and not waste your time over too many books. It’s better to revise one effective book hundred times than to waste your precious time reading things that won’t benefit you at all in the exams.
  4. Revise and repeat: no one in this world can be a winner by practising for one day before the final game. You gotta revise the things time and again so that it completely get drilled in your head and help you to understand the topics in depth.
  5. Don’t substitute basic books with high standard books: even if you are a master in any field never forget to start with the basics. That’s why it’s called “base”. Unless and until you have a strong unshakeable base you cannot think of making your concepts clear. Once you finish reading simple stuffs then it becomes easy for you to comprehend the tough material. But remember not to go for too tough material otherwise you would spend more time over one topic which may not fetch you satisfying results.
  6. Test yourself: test is very important if you want to make yourself aware of the weakness and strength in any particular subject. While giving test never forget to analyse your performance and focus on areas which need improvement.

Well… these were the tips I wanted to share with you and I hope it would definitely help you in your exam preparation phase.

Good luck…be confident😊👍

Education is the life savior

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you come across the term “education”? You may think about the school, the books, teachers, students, grades, etc..etc.. Have you ever wondered what is the purpose of education? Is it to promote the cramming of thousands of books or rote learning? No. Imagine you are stuck on the shore, nowhere to go. You find yourself helpless and then you see one boat heading towards you. You get into the boat but your trouble won’t end here. How would you reach your destination without the knowledge of proper guidance and direction to your destination. In this case the compass or any map would help you to get out of this probem. But what about life. We all have dreams, goals, aspirations. How would we convert our dreams into reality? Well…in this case your education will act as the boat, compass and the map which will help you to discover the hidden realities of the world, show you the direction and also help you to know yourself better.

The real purpose of education is to make you see things from all the angles, develop a bigger picture in your mind. It helps you to be unbiased and take your decisions based on reality and values and not based on impulsions. It provides you lots of opportunities to bring the change you wish to see in the world. Education is very important to build the base of an individual’s character. A person becomes a thinker, independent, aware and insightful as a result of education.

Some of us may think that everyone has access to education and many times we take education for granted but my dear friends there are many children who do not have access to education even today. You might be in your home reading your favourite book and there might be a child in some area who is stuck in child labour working on the roads, railway stations, factories and doing many odd jobs.

Now let’s talk about the tertiary education. Most of the children may have access to primary education but there are many who cannot pursue their higher studies. Again, the financial background of the family is the reason but along with that the mindset of the family members plays a major role here. At some places families don’t promote girl child education and want them to get married. This doesn’t make the girl independent. If you find anyone in such kind of situation then try to explain them that such decisions are spoiling the the girl’s life.

It is all because of education that today I am able to write this post, share my views and you are able to read it. Yes, it’s a privilege and let’s use our knowledge and skills for the betterment of those who cannot afford it. The true goal of education transcends much beyond awarding the degrees and certificates to the student. Education is not a tool to earn the livelihood but it is a way to liberate the mind and soul of the individual.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”- Nelson Mandela