The indefinable emotions…

The emotions of sadness

The emotions of joy

The emotions of separation

The emotions of unison

Books define different emotions using varied vocabulary and it all depends on the emotions the writer is experiencing at that particular point of time

If the writer is calm and peaceful so will be the words scribbled on the paper which was once lying blank on the table…

The same blank page act as the window to the chain of emotions residing in the writer’s mind

Humans are lucky…

They can say what they feel

And if speaking out things don’t work then they can pen down their thoughts…

Yeah… These emotions are contagious

If you develop hatred for someone

Then “hatred” is what you are gonna receive

But recall the days when you feel extremely happy

The wide grin on your face is enough to reflect your state of elated bliss

You treat the people you meet with a warm and genuine smile

And your glittering eyes are enough to convey a message in a short while

The movies have a different style of conveying these emotions in the form of mental images perceived by the movie maker

But a lot of times we confuse these mental images with reality

The artist portray these emotions by letting the thoughts take form of a image by using variety of colours which add life to the emotions

The singer choose to sing the song which suits best with his or her state of mind…

The variation in the pitch of the song say it all…

Ohh! These emotions…

They can be felt…

They can be expressed…

They can be shared…

But still even you make use of different notions…

You would realise “indefinable” are these emotions…


How to write a best blog post?

Every day a new member enters in the family of bloggers. Some of them are already aware of the blogging world but there are many who are still hesitant to publish their first post. So today I would like to share the tips which would help you to write the best post. So let’s get started:

  1. Write for yourself: Remember why you started blogging. You wanted to share your views, ideas and experiences with more number of people. But now you are a bit reluctant to freely express your thoughts. Always remember original things are embraced more. Your readers would love you more when you express “your” ideas in the post. People will give their opinion on the basis of their personal interests but that should not influence your real thought process. You are extremely lucky that being a writer you have the capability to let your thoughts and feelings fly freely in the world through your write ups, so why not grab this opportunity to give wings to your weirdest or sillest fantasies.
  2. Don’t care too much about the grammar: Writing is all about connecting your thoughts to the person who reads your content. If your content is easily understood by the people and they can comprehend your message then you don’t need to focus too much on your vocabulary and grammar. Keep it simple and with time you would improve your writing skills. Remember you are here to share your ideas, thoughts and experience, not to qualify any language exam.
  3. Read more: We all need food for body. Similarly, reading is the food for a writer’s brain. If you are a well read person then you can come up with new ideas and this will also help you to improve your writing skills. Read the books of the genres you wish to write. Understand how the message is conveyed, sentences are formed and keep a note of it in your mind. Read others blog post so that you will get a brief idea about the writers way of looking at things differently.
  4. Learn from real life experiences: Life teaches you so many lessons but you need to be a good observer. When you pen down the real life incidents then you don’t need to think too much. The words come spontaneously. And you may never know there may be readers who might have been through the same phase so they would definitely love your post.
  5. Keep it simple: Try to use simple words and sentences so that your readers can easily understand your post. Someone has rightly said -“Simplicity is the ultimate way of sophistication”. It is equally true for writing.

Thank you, I hope the tips mentioned above be helpful for you.😊

The Cafe tells you so many stories….

The hot chocolate fudge and sizzling hot coffee were having conversation in their own voice and caught my attention

The ketchup and the menu on the table joined the conversation too

The ketchup caught me listening to their secret conversation and asked me-“Who are you?”

Well… I was amazed by the surprised look it gave

Because I was the one who regularly visited this Cafe

Then suddenly the coffee answered the ketchup’s question with great pride-“She’s is Jyoti and I know her very well because she come here to spend some time with me and write her blog posts”

That was so pleasing to the ears..i didn’t know the coffee’s voice was as good as it taste and may that’s the reason it has a special place in my heart..

Then the couple sitting on the table next to us caught our attention

The coffee started laughing looking at the way they were trying to fake things and showing everyone that it’s all going well there

But their artificial facial expressions were enough to explain their relation with each other

The hot chocolate fudge said in a low voice-“I don’t know why people are so afraid to let the reality come out in the world. At home they would fight and here they try to pretend everything’s alright”

“Hmmm”- said the ketchup in a deep voice who was still skeptical about my identity

The dim lights made the Cafe a perfect place to have lovey dovey conversations with your partner

There’s something different about these lights

The frames on the wall fills the ambience with positivity as one of them read-” The master in any field was once a beginner”

This Cafe has all of it…

A perfect place to celebrate your friend’s birthday

A perfect place for a date with that special someone

A perfect place for writers to pen down their thoughts enjoying soothing aroma of coffee beans…

“What are you thinking?”- the ketchup asked me interrupting my chain of thoughts

“Nothing much”- I said looking at the menu on the table

I finished drinking my coffee and got some ideas for my blog post

At least once in a while go to a cafe alone

You would definitely come across different kinds of people

It’s really fun to watch…

Writing is a healthy drug

When actions fail to convey emotions

When you can’t find someone around with whom you can discuss your wildest fantasies

When memories of past come at the door of your heart and keep on knocking

When the ambience is not that fascinating

When you can’t stop the fountain of thoughts in your mind

When you are bit skeptical to reveal the secret of your crush to your best friend

When you fall in love but try to gather courage to confess

When you are away from home and miss the unconditional love of your parents

Then you go for this drug called “writing”

Why I am calling it a drug?

Well.. the writers who are reading this post can connect to my thoughts

Hope you can relate to it

Yes… It’s addictive

And once you start writing then you can’t stop

There will be times when you would find yourself blank

But still wanna write

The craving for writing is powerful than any other cravings on this earth

This get you “head over heels”

But yes we writers won’t stop there

If we can’t write on the topics which are related to the real world

Then we would create our own world and let our emotions imprint on the paper

And that’s how the greatest fictions are written

Yes, writing is an addiction in the form of an elixir full of emotions

It won’t “harm you”

But it’s definitely gonna “calm you”

My love for you is unconditional

Yeah…now it’s time to say what has been in my mind since the past few months

Realised this in the morning when I saw you were in front of my eyes and I could not help but ignore you

But I know you could sense the chain of my thoughts going in mind

And hope you understood what I felt at the very moment

I met you in my teens

Before that I didn’t know how would I feel when we’re together

You were famous among people

But I kept myself away from you as my mom always told me you may cause harm to me in the long run

Even then I thought of meeting you as my curiosity to know you more started rising more and more

And the day arrived when we met for the first time

Oh my god!!

Just your mere presence was enough to take all my thoughts away

My eyes were glittering

My hands wanted to grab you

My lips wanted to taste you

And your aroma made me crazy

Then I could feel your warmth on my lips

My heart was melting

That was enough to soothe my mind

You awoke my senses

You filled me with energy

The days went on…

And our meetings became frequent

It went on for days and years

But now we can’t be together anymore

We should not meet frequently

Because it can be harmful in the long run

As you know anything in excess is a poison

And too much of caffeine is not good for our health

But you would always remain my favourite steamy beverage

Yes, this is the way I describe my love for coffee…lol.. 😂😂

Why I like blogging?

A friend in need is a friend indeed

And according to my definition of friendship this “friend” may not necessarily be a human being

Not everyone can express their feelings in front of humans

Not everyone knows who you truly are as a person

For me any activity, any person or anything which makes you feel alive and help you to realize your worth is your true friend

It can be the books

It can be any game you are crazy about

It can be your parents, your spouse, your teachers, your classmates..etc.. etc…

But the best part about being with this true friend is you are in the moment and you don’t hesitate to be yourself

And blogging became my best friend

I never thought that I would start blogging someday. Yes, I was fond of writing but was searching for a platform where I can share my thoughts and views with the world out there and on the same side improve my writing skills. I have always been curious about what other people think when they read my content and how it is helping them. I wanted to learn from their writings and believe me it helped a lot. In this post I want to share the reasons behind my love for blogging-

  1. It provides me a platform to express my views- it feels so good when my readers are able to connect their thoughts to my writings. It gives a feeling of oneness. I can be transparent in putting my thoughts out there and also get an opportunity to have a look in other writers’ brain by reading their posts.
  2. It helps me to develop more connections- the real and deep connections are formed when you are all real. It is not always necessary that you can develop relationships only by meeting in person. Some relations happen at the level of thoughts when you are able to relate to other person’s way of thinking. Sometimes it’s difficult to find people who share the similar interests but blogging has provided me a platform where I can connect with the people who do agree with my point of view and share similar interests.
  3. It’s a source of knowledge– there are so many blogs where you can improve your general knowledge skills, language skills, etc.. There are blogs which are related to travelling. These blogs help me to know about the varied places and cultures practised in different countries and this gives a broader perspective to see the world.
  4. I can channelise my energy to something positive- yes, there are times when I feel low or disappointed because of some reason and at that time I choose to channelise my energy in writing. It takes away all the stress and confusion and leaves me with relaxed mind.
  5. It’s part of me- I feel so lucky to be a part of this blogging platform. I can start writing anywhere. It’s a “means” through which I can speak to the world of writers. It has become a part of life now and there is so much more to learn from blogging.

Happy blogging😊