Technology is meant for comfort…Are we getting the message right?

The early morning is the time when you feel totally refresh and the new day is ready to embrace you in it’s arms by providing one more chance to correct yesterday’s mistakes, finish the pending tasks, schedule time for your health. The day says “You have 24 hours and it all depends on you how well you can make use of it to increase your productivity”. All of us know this very well. We have read many books on how to manage time, how to be more focused at work, how to be more productive etc..etc.. Even after reading all the books, watching the motivational videos what do we do? Or the better way to ask is how much of the content we can practically implement in our daily life? We are feeding our distractions and starving our focus.

Technology is the great invention by humans and today it’s all because of technology combined with our curiosity to discover the unknown that we are able to reach great heights in various fields. But the point to be noted here is, “Are we making the right use of technolgy?” Take for example, our beloved cellphones. Before we wish a sweet good morning to our family members and our loved ones we generally start our morning routine by looking at the mobile phone screens. We check how many likes we received on Facebook, instagram and our whatsapp notifications. Then we spend time in liking someone else’s posts, commenting, etc..etc.. If you are still caught in this “good morning my cellphone” thing then you need to take a step back and ponder on it.

If you make a proper use of technology then you can save a lot of your time. The Internet can be used to study things you are interested to learn, new skills can be developed just by sitting at the couch of your home, you can apply for a online course, learn a new language, prepare for a competitive exam, start working from home, share your thoughts and experiences with large number of readers through blogging etc…etc..the list is unending but we seldom do this. It all depends on the individual.

Technology is a boon when you know how to play the right tune…

It can be a bane if you don’t know how to train your brain and can make you go insane...


Real education

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Ask yourself whether you are spending your energy correctly?

After a good night’s sleep you wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and energised. Ask yourself how you spend the initial hours of your morning? Do you start your day by checking the notifications on your phone? Or do you check your e-mails and start thinking how burdensome the day will be? Do you feel enthusiastic? Or do you start your day by complaining about your job or school or college? Well.. before you start answering these questions let me tell you that morning hours are the golden hours of your day. These hours create a great impact on your whole day by affecting your thought process ,thus, helps you to shape your attitude or you can say shape your mindset.

When you wake up imagine your brain filled with energy to the brim. This energy is limited and the brain would channel it the way your thoughts go. Before you start spending your energy always remember “Where awareness flows”. Now, with the limited amount of energy you must carry out your tasks. It totally depends on “you“.Where you want your attention to go? You can optimise the use of this energy by following the tips mentioned below:

  1. Start your day with a positive thought– never check your phones during the first hour of the morning. Remember if you do this means you are wasting your precious resource-” your energy”.
  2. Meditate for 10-15 minutes– sit quietly for some time and just focus on your breath. This makes you more aware and you remain focused throughout the day.
  3. Say “yes” to the things which increase energy levels– You go for a morning walk or do some light exercise and eat healthy food. Your eating habits have a great impact on the type of thoughts you get.
  4. Learn to say “no“- Reminding you again that you have limited amount of energy so you must spend it in things which help you in achieving your goals and shaping your personality. It’s not always necessary to answer every phone call or reply to the texts. If your friends are planing to hangout that doesn’t mean you always have to be a part of that gathering. Just deny in a polite manner.
  5. Surround yourself with energy boosters- by energy boosters I don’t mean “stimulants“. Self help books, biographies, auto biographies and optimistic friends and family members act as great energy boosters. Distance yourself from the energy sucking vampires.

I hope the tips mentioned above would help you to optimise the use of your energy.

“If you want to manifest the right things in life then you must know how to invest your energy wisely”

On the journey of becoming successful

Success is a beautiful path filled with many crest and troughs, pebbles and flowers, rains and storm, happiness and disappointment. It is defined on the basis of your attitude towards it- whether you consider learning as success or for you success is all about the destination? Success for me is all about enjoying the journey, being fully present in the moment, give your level best and let go off the outcome. Well…when you start walking on this path of success there are certain things which has to be kept in mind. In this post I would like to share those secrets with you-

  1. Be grateful- Take a pen and diary and note down how many times you complain on your day to day basis. One who grumbles and makes complaints is neither able to do his work well nor earn goodwill of the people. Most of the times the things you complain about are beyond your control.. so do you really think you should waste your precious time over things which won’t matter in the long run? Now note down the things which makes you happy. Be grateful for the people who genuinely care for you. Try to look at the positive side of things. It’s easy to point out negativity and complain but let’s change your attitude a bit and show some gratitude. Gratitude opens the gates to the power and wisdom of the universe.
  2. Stop comparing– you are unique. You are special. There’s no one like you in this whole universe then why you are wasting your life in comparison. Comparison takes away all the joy. If you are fond of comparison then believe me you can never be happy. Success needs focus and concentration. You must bring all your focus to your path then only you can grab the opportunities. Keep a track of your progress. Keep asking yourself how far you have come and stop focusing on others. Learn from others, get inspired but never imitate otherwise someone else will write your life’s story and you would end up being a spectator. It has been rightly said by Zen Shin-” A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms”
  3. Get out of your comfort zone- you got to push your limits, work more harder, more smarter. Compel yourself to perform beyond the level of your familiarity. You may not feel comfortable but you must remain enthusiastic to face the new challenges of life. Leave no stone unturned to achieve your goals. It’s easy to dream big but to make that into reality you got to give all it takes….whatever it takes. Difficulties are a definite aspect in life without which life will be like “food without salt“. The great English novelist Charles Dickens said: ” It’s better to wear out than rust out”.
  4. Focus on one thing at a time- you may be good at multitasking but that isn’t good for your brain. You must make your to do list according to the priorities and then accomplish those task one by one. By doing this you would be more productive and focused. Success demands a coherent strategy and detailed plan of action.
  5. Failures are inevitable- whenever you have success in your mind you never consider failure but failures are the part of success. It keeps you grounded. Failures and impediments might be viewed in a negative light but they are indeed necessary to develop the character of a person. The fruit of success would taste more delicious and would be valued more after facing failures.

All successful people have one thing in common-they believe that they can do what others have not even thought about. They do not bind themselves with the opinions of others. They set their own limits and decide their own path rather than looking for a path already made by someone else. Dare to be extraordinary to be the best.

Education is the life savior

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you come across the term “education”? You may think about the school, the books, teachers, students, grades, etc..etc.. Have you ever wondered what is the purpose of education? Is it to promote the cramming of thousands of books or rote learning? No. Imagine you are stuck on the shore, nowhere to go. You find yourself helpless and then you see one boat heading towards you. You get into the boat but your trouble won’t end here. How would you reach your destination without the knowledge of proper guidance and direction to your destination. In this case the compass or any map would help you to get out of this probem. But what about life. We all have dreams, goals, aspirations. How would we convert our dreams into reality? Well…in this case your education will act as the boat, compass and the map which will help you to discover the hidden realities of the world, show you the direction and also help you to know yourself better.

The real purpose of education is to make you see things from all the angles, develop a bigger picture in your mind. It helps you to be unbiased and take your decisions based on reality and values and not based on impulsions. It provides you lots of opportunities to bring the change you wish to see in the world. Education is very important to build the base of an individual’s character. A person becomes a thinker, independent, aware and insightful as a result of education.

Some of us may think that everyone has access to education and many times we take education for granted but my dear friends there are many children who do not have access to education even today. You might be in your home reading your favourite book and there might be a child in some area who is stuck in child labour working on the roads, railway stations, factories and doing many odd jobs.

Now let’s talk about the tertiary education. Most of the children may have access to primary education but there are many who cannot pursue their higher studies. Again, the financial background of the family is the reason but along with that the mindset of the family members plays a major role here. At some places families don’t promote girl child education and want them to get married. This doesn’t make the girl independent. If you find anyone in such kind of situation then try to explain them that such decisions are spoiling the the girl’s life.

It is all because of education that today I am able to write this post, share my views and you are able to read it. Yes, it’s a privilege and let’s use our knowledge and skills for the betterment of those who cannot afford it. The true goal of education transcends much beyond awarding the degrees and certificates to the student. Education is not a tool to earn the livelihood but it is a way to liberate the mind and soul of the individual.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”- Nelson Mandela

The indefinable emotions…

The emotions of sadness

The emotions of joy

The emotions of separation

The emotions of unison

Books define different emotions using varied vocabulary and it all depends on the emotions the writer is experiencing at that particular point of time

If the writer is calm and peaceful so will be the words scribbled on the paper which was once lying blank on the table…

The same blank page act as the window to the chain of emotions residing in the writer’s mind

Humans are lucky…

They can say what they feel

And if speaking out things don’t work then they can pen down their thoughts…

Yeah… These emotions are contagious

If you develop hatred for someone

Then “hatred” is what you are gonna receive

But recall the days when you feel extremely happy

The wide grin on your face is enough to reflect your state of elated bliss

You treat the people you meet with a warm and genuine smile

And your glittering eyes are enough to convey a message in a short while

The movies have a different style of conveying these emotions in the form of mental images perceived by the movie maker

But a lot of times we confuse these mental images with reality

The artist portray these emotions by letting the thoughts take form of a image by using variety of colours which add life to the emotions

The singer choose to sing the song which suits best with his or her state of mind…

The variation in the pitch of the song say it all…

Ohh! These emotions…

They can be felt…

They can be expressed…

They can be shared…

But still even you make use of different notions…

You would realise “indefinable” are these emotions…

How to write a best blog post?

Every day a new member enters in the family of bloggers. Some of them are already aware of the blogging world but there are many who are still hesitant to publish their first post. So today I would like to share the tips which would help you to write the best post. So let’s get started:

  1. Write for yourself: Remember why you started blogging. You wanted to share your views, ideas and experiences with more number of people. But now you are a bit reluctant to freely express your thoughts. Always remember original things are embraced more. Your readers would love you more when you express “your” ideas in the post. People will give their opinion on the basis of their personal interests but that should not influence your real thought process. You are extremely lucky that being a writer you have the capability to let your thoughts and feelings fly freely in the world through your write ups, so why not grab this opportunity to give wings to your weirdest or sillest fantasies.
  2. Don’t care too much about the grammar: Writing is all about connecting your thoughts to the person who reads your content. If your content is easily understood by the people and they can comprehend your message then you don’t need to focus too much on your vocabulary and grammar. Keep it simple and with time you would improve your writing skills. Remember you are here to share your ideas, thoughts and experience, not to qualify any language exam.
  3. Read more: We all need food for body. Similarly, reading is the food for a writer’s brain. If you are a well read person then you can come up with new ideas and this will also help you to improve your writing skills. Read the books of the genres you wish to write. Understand how the message is conveyed, sentences are formed and keep a note of it in your mind. Read others blog post so that you will get a brief idea about the writers way of looking at things differently.
  4. Learn from real life experiences: Life teaches you so many lessons but you need to be a good observer. When you pen down the real life incidents then you don’t need to think too much. The words come spontaneously. And you may never know there may be readers who might have been through the same phase so they would definitely love your post.
  5. Keep it simple: Try to use simple words and sentences so that your readers can easily understand your post. Someone has rightly said -“Simplicity is the ultimate way of sophistication”. It is equally true for writing.

Thank you, I hope the tips mentioned above be helpful for you.😊