I have seen myself growing…

The books became my friends

The surroundings became my teacher

The experiences taught me a lesson which the school and the university failed to do

The situations made me a person who is totally different than what I could ever imagine as a child..

I have seen myself getting off the track

I have seen myself breaking down

I have seen myself shedding tears all alone

I have seen myself sitting in a corner feeling helpless

I have seen myself getting trapped in the so called failure trap

I have seen myself developing strength to face all the failures

I have seen myself falling down

I have seen myself getting up with a hope to succeed again

I have seen myself feeling heartbroken when I realised how easily people change

I have seen myself feeling strong when those who truly care for me were ready to hold my hand

I didn’t fear of being alone so I decided to leave those who just knew how to fake things..

I started looking at things as they are and this taught me not to expect too much from anyone

I started defining success differently

I started being what I am and I said what I felt

And now I won’t stop

If I fall down..

I will get up again

If there are people who think I am weak

Then I will focus on people who believe in my abilities

I’m ready to walk alone

And I am ready to invest my energy in discovering the unknown

When you know what you want then everything else becomes secondary…


Let your spark speak..

In the room full of lights lived a candle under an old table where people fail to notice it

Well… Who would bother to light up the candle when the room was full of bright tube lights and bulbs…

Poor candle felt heartbroken and sad

Thinking there’s no-one who would help it to see it’s light again

Then on a stormy dark night

The lights went off

Some people entered the room

But all they could see was darkness all around

“There was a candle lying under the table”- said the little girl in joy

She took the candle and lighted it

The darkness faded away

The spark of the candle was on it’s way

The candle felt extremely happy this day

All of us carry a unique spark…And the day you realize this that day you are definitely gonna create a mark”

The sunshine blogger award💕💕

I express my heartiest thanks to Vijethkannan for nominating my blog for this award.



  • Thank the blogger and provide link to their blog
  • Put the award logo
  • Answer the questions
  • Nominate your bloggers
  • Notify your nominees

My answers to the questions:

What do you think about the blogging world?

Everytime it’s not possible to find a person to talk. Sometimes we hesitate to express what we feel or the person with whom we are talking may find it difficult to connect to our thoughts. But the story is totally different in the blogging world. Here, you are part of a family filled with writers. There are many who share similar views like yours. This the medium through which one writer can have a look in the mind of another writer through their writings.

What motivates you to write a blog and who encouraged you?

I have been interesting in writing since I was a teenager. But I never realised that this is something I really love doing. Then eventually I started writing short poems and articles in my diary. I got to know more about blogging through google. Later I thought of sharing my ideas and views with more number of people and yes blogging is like a icing on the cake in a writer’s life.

What do you want to change in the world and why?

I wish to change the way most of people view “education“. Most of the time we think there is only one aspect of education that is “formal education” but we forget that education is not only confined to the institutions, schools and universities. We must realize the fact that learning moral values is also a part of education and our basic human values differentiate us from robots.

What you think about your followers?

My followers play a major role in making my blog successful. Their reviews help me to know more about my writing skills which includes my strength and my weaknesses.

Are you enjoying blogging?

Blogging has become a part of my life. It is something which was hidden deep inside my heart but was waiting for the opportunity to come out. It’s really fun. I can channelise my energy into something positive where I can express the craziest fantasies and share the lessons I learnt from my life with the world of bloggers.

Your favourite book? Why?

My favourite book is “The Charlotte’s Web” by E. B. White. This book is a children fiction but it teaches deep and true lessons about friendship and care. It teaches us to be humble, more kind and show mercy towards others.

Technology is a good thing or bad thing and why?

Well… Technology is a thing. The good or bad depends on how you make use of it. According to me it’s a good thing because bolgging is also a part of technology.

Is your life in balance?

The earth itself is facing the issues of imbalance ecosystem then how fair it would be to say that my life is in balance….

Share any one of your experience which changed you?

Well.. recently I was searching for some motivational content on YouTube then I came across this motivational speech by Muniba Mazari. Each and every word of her speech created a deep impact on my way of looking at problems of life. It taught me that we should never let the circumstances take our self belief away from us.

What you think about backtechinfo?

Backtechinfo provides one with very good motivational content and it’s simple language is easy to understand.

Short description about you in 3 words.

Imperfect real being

Tips for beginners :

My tips for beginners are as follows:

  • Write for yourself
  • Don’t wait for perfection because there always a road for improvment
  • Connect with more bloggers by reading their contents and truly appreciating their writings
  • Don’t get driven by the number of likes or comments. Just keep writing
  • Make blogging a habit. The more you write the better you get at writing….

Happy blogging!!😊

Questions for the nominees are-

  1. What fascinates you towards blogging?
  2. Describe your journey in the blogging world till today?
  3. What impact can blogging create on an individual’s personality?
  4. How often do you write posts on your blog?
  5. If you want to change one thing from your past what it would be?
  6. Who is your favourite author and why?
  7. Any breathtaking moment of your life? Describe.
  8. What is life? Describe in four words.
  9. Write about yourself in few sentences.
  10. What tips would you like to share with the budding writers?
  11. Any message for your followers

My nominees are:









Stop being clingy

The flower looks beautiful when it is on the plant

But when you pluck it thinking it’s all yours then you take the life out of it

And the flower dies…

Similarly in life there are many things which looks better at their own places

What we normally do?

When we like something too much we try to be possessive about it or we become too much dependent on it thinking our happiness resides in them

No, the key to your happiness is your “Attitude

Today if you wake up and think that the day is boring then definitely it’s gonna be dull and boring

You better wake up full of positivity in your mind and accept the fact that only you have the power to change your emotions

When you fall in love with someone

Fall in love thinking you are already complete in yourself

Never think that you are lacking something and someone’s gonna come and fill those gaps

No… It won’t work that way

It’s true for all the relations

Whether it’s friendship, relationship with your parents or anything

Getting attached or getting too much dependent on others will make you lose “yourself”

You would never realise what you truly want

Take control of your life

Take pride in your abilities

Never compare yourself to someone

Because a bread has it’s own value

The butter has it’s own value too

Together they enhance each other

But they do have their individual identity

Diet of an entrepreneur

“If you think the land is barren and useless then you are thinking like the rest of the world but if you focus on the solution and find alternatives then you are an entrepreneur”

Problems remain “problems” only when we think they are bigger than human abilities. But the moment you accept them as small and bigger challenges that moment you are heading towards a new discovery, an invention and this vision of yours will not only solve your problems but it’s gonna be helpful for millions out there who once thought it’s impossible to come up with a solution.

Entrepreneur resides in all of us. It’s not restricted to business only. Anyone who deals with life in a different and innovative manner is an entrepreneur. The most important is “you must think out of the box”.

Let us look at the diet of an entrepreneur:

  1. Ideas: Ideas come to you when you keep thinking about the solution from all the possible dimensions. You won’t get an idea in a blink. It’s not always necessary that all your ideas will be successful. You must not lose faith and come up with an another idea. You must not only dream of that idea but gather all your courage to make it happen.
  2. Risks: Trying something new is always risky but adventurous at the same time. Risks are unavoidable. They are the greatest teacher and helps to mould your personality. You become the better version of yourself. If things don’t go as you planned then you will end up with a good experience. Different risks bring different opportunities but you must be prudent enough to recognise and grab these opportunities.
  3. Passion: In a journey filled with risks, failures, criticisism and many ups and downs if you are not passionate about what you are doing then you won’t enjoy this journey of entrepreneurship. When passion mix with idea then something great is gonna come out of it. If you love what you do then the setbacks cannot stop you from making your dreams into reality.
  4. Failures: Failures are inevitable part of life. But failures should not stop you from moving further. It’s okay to fall down but it’s not okay to quit. It has been rightly said by Kiran Mazumdar- “Entrepreneurship is about being to manage failures and succeed after failures”
  5. Self belief-People will say that your dreams are ridiculous but that’s only because they have given up on theirs. Don’t get driven by other’s opinion. If you can believe it then definitely you can achieve it. “Don’t be afraid of being outnumbered. Eagles fly alone. Pigeons flock together”

Sometimes you wish to go in a different world

In the world full of competition

I wish there exist a world where people are whole heartedly moving towards their passion

In a world where people want to socialise more and make relationships with the help of their fake nature

I wish there exist a world where someone takes out time to be real and form true connections

In world where your intelligence and calibre is judged on the basis of the marks and the degree certificates

I wish there exist a world where all the talents are equally embraced and promoted

In world where after class 10th most of us are aware of only two options-“Biology or Maths”

I wish there exist a world where people explore more about the fields like “Art and Commerce”

In world where people think housewives don’t do any job

I wish there exist a world where people realise that they are the homemaker and it’s only because of them you can get food on time

In the world where it’s easy to influence others on the basis of the money you earn

I wish there exist a world where people get influenced by the human values

In a world where falling in love is just easy as falling out of love

I wish people realise the value of relationships and rise in love

In world where a girl is judged by the clothes she wears

I wish there exist a world where people are judged by the type of vision they have

In a world where we judge people on the basis of there external features

I wish there exist a world where people realise that beauty lies deeper than the surface and let’s have a broader vision and not judge others by their face

In a world where most of us think expensive gifts can make someone happy

I wish there exist a world where we realise that if you really wanna make someone feel special then just spend some quality time with them where you can pour your heart and soul out

In a world where we spend most of our time in unproductive things

I wish there exist a world where we spend some time with the nature..with ourselves reading books…writing or anything that energises us

Now let us find the road to this world

The road is there inside all of us

It starts from “us”

That’s why it has been rightly said

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”

A part of my life

Morning time is the best time to get new new ideas. You are on the top level of your energy and your mind is totally fresh. New thoughts come to your mind. The warmth and aroma of coffee give you ideas on what topic you should write. This is how the day of a writer begins. In this post I would like to share a past incident of life. I was in class 2. Yes, I was too young to think that one day I would write about that incident “In English”

The story begins

New place, new people, new school and the innocent me. I was a soft spoken girl, a bit timid and now I had to face these smart and clever students. Before this I studied in a small town school where I never met such kids. Well.. somehow I had to adjust with my surrounding. But I could not find anyone in the school who would help me to cope up with the new environment. The students thought I am dumb because I could not speak English properly and didn’t seem confident and outgoing. You know what they said-” She’s mad, don’t be friends with her, she don’t know anything”. Imagine how would a child at that age feel. I felt heartbroken. I thought to keep this upto myself and not let my parents worry about this. So, I chose to be quite.

Then that day arrived…

Thinking of that event give me jitters. The teacher was dictating the questions and we had to write the answers in our notebooks. Yes, it was English class. I was not able to understand almost anything because I attended the classes late and now suddenly I had to deal with this class test. My notebook was blank and so was my mind. I was hell scared. The teacher was damn strict. Then she started checking our notebooks. She came to my place and looked at me as if she’s gonna eat me. I still remember that furious look on her face. She asked me to show the notebook. I denied and then she snatched it from me. She didn’t even bothered to know the reason and started slapping me…left and right. My chubby cheeks turned red. I was shivering. Nobody in my life slapped me that tightly. Then she took out her scale and started beating me. My palms went numb. All you could see was the tears rolling down my cheeks and I had no one around to console me. The whole class was laughing at me.

I went home in the afternoon. I was not talking to anyone. I was very scared. My mother somehow sensed my feelings by looking at the cute red swollen cheeks. Then she told everything to my father. The next day I totally refused to go to school. I cried and cried. I told I don’t want to study and wanna be at home. Imagine how scared I would have been. Then, somehow my father encouraged me and convinced me to go to school. He talked to my teacher and told her that it’s a new place for me and I assured her with time I would learn things.

I tried my level best to score good in the exams and with my consistent efforts I became the topper of my class. The students came to me to solve their doubts. I became the favourite student of the teacher who slapped me once. She loved me so much and even today she remember me. I was able to communicate in English with my fellow students and teachers. You know what… today English is my favourite language. I don’t know what but there’s something about this language that fascinates my mind. I also represented my University in debate and elocution at the National level. Then I started writing blogs and still there are miles to go and lot to improve….

All I wanna say is sometimes the incidents of your own life can help you to learn so many lessons. This post is not about how I became a topper or learned to speak English. It’s actually about how strong I would have been at that age to gather courage and prove myself…