The journey of UPSC aspirants

Eagerly waiting for “The Hindu” in the morning

Reading it as if it’s not less than any holy book for us

Yeah, sounds strange to those who read newspaper having tea just to flip pages

But that way won’t work for us

We need to watch the details and some editorials do demand to read between the lines

Those fancy vocabulary used sometimes makes no sense

As they say when things become a necessity you have to do it even it sounds non sense

Our friends spend time browsing stuffs that are amusing and mesmerizing

And we  searching the newly formed policies on google and then memorizing

Sometimes it’s the scheme that is in news

Sometimes it’s the recently launched satellite

Sometimes it’s the blockchain, IOT etc..

Sometimes it’s the conventional methods practised in ancient history

Many of us may forget the name of our own pet but we won’t forget the name of the most endangered species on this earth

When others complete the T.V. series watching all the episodes in a day then brag about it

We are busy watching the lectures on Unacademy and You tube so that reading books don’t seem boring

This exam don’t care about your background

It brings all of us on the same platform

You may be an IIM graduate or an IITian

You may be a doctor or working in a most reputated company earning in lakhs

This exam has got nothing to do with whether you were a topper or didn’t do academically well in your school days

It provides equal opportunity to each and every one to crack this exam provided you should be ready to give whatever it takes to make it happen

Sometimes you may have to go through the arduous journey to achieve the most beautiful zenith waiting for your arrival





Focus on the progress.. Not the feelings

Today you may be on cloud nine..

Tomorrow you may feel devastated…

Day after tomorrow the situation exacerbates and you start feeling perplexed..

You would definitely work more when you feel good and won’t feel like doing anything when you feel low. What does that mean? This shows your mind and thoughts are controlling your actions and your response to the situations is decided by your mindset. But mind is your tool and it’s work is to serve you. Are you getting what I am trying to convey here?

We all set goals, we all have high aspirations but very few among us can maintain consistency. The reason is that most of the times our external environment influence our thoughts so much that indirectly it creates a huge impact on our performance. Then how can one tackle this?

The only solution is –you gotta be mindful of your thoughts and remind yourself again and again that you are the master of your brain. You can change your thoughts and feelings. The moment you do this you start taking charge of your life. This will help you to keep progressing inspite of feeling low because now you know that feelings are temporary but your work plays a major role.

In life you would face thousands of situations and meet so many people with differing opinions. Imagine what would happen if you keep disturbing your mindset based on all these external factors. Your head is gonna blast one day😂😂…

So from now onwards let’s keep it this way : “I don’t give a damn what may come “…take a chill pill guys..

The seed when sown in the soil has to face so many vagaries of the nature but still grows into a plant one day bearing fruits..

Technology is meant for comfort…Are we getting the message right?

The early morning is the time when you feel totally refresh and the new day is ready to embrace you in it’s arms by providing one more chance to correct yesterday’s mistakes, finish the pending tasks, schedule time for your health. The day says “You have 24 hours and it all depends on you how well you can make use of it to increase your productivity”. All of us know this very well. We have read many books on how to manage time, how to be more focused at work, how to be more productive etc..etc.. Even after reading all the books, watching the motivational videos what do we do? Or the better way to ask is how much of the content we can practically implement in our daily life? We are feeding our distractions and starving our focus.

Technology is the great invention by humans and today it’s all because of technology combined with our curiosity to discover the unknown that we are able to reach great heights in various fields. But the point to be noted here is, “Are we making the right use of technolgy?” Take for example, our beloved cellphones. Before we wish a sweet good morning to our family members and our loved ones we generally start our morning routine by looking at the mobile phone screens. We check how many likes we received on Facebook, instagram and our whatsapp notifications. Then we spend time in liking someone else’s posts, commenting, etc..etc.. If you are still caught in this “good morning my cellphone” thing then you need to take a step back and ponder on it.

If you make a proper use of technology then you can save a lot of your time. The Internet can be used to study things you are interested to learn, new skills can be developed just by sitting at the couch of your home, you can apply for a online course, learn a new language, prepare for a competitive exam, start working from home, share your thoughts and experiences with large number of readers through blogging etc…etc..the list is unending but we seldom do this. It all depends on the individual.

Technology is a boon when you know how to play the right tune…

It can be a bane if you don’t know how to train your brain and can make you go insane...

How to write a best blog post?

Every day a new member enters in the family of bloggers. Some of them are already aware of the blogging world but there are many who are still hesitant to publish their first post. So today I would like to share the tips which would help you to write the best post. So let’s get started:

  1. Write for yourself: Remember why you started blogging. You wanted to share your views, ideas and experiences with more number of people. But now you are a bit reluctant to freely express your thoughts. Always remember original things are embraced more. Your readers would love you more when you express “your” ideas in the post. People will give their opinion on the basis of their personal interests but that should not influence your real thought process. You are extremely lucky that being a writer you have the capability to let your thoughts and feelings fly freely in the world through your write ups, so why not grab this opportunity to give wings to your weirdest or sillest fantasies.
  2. Don’t care too much about the grammar: Writing is all about connecting your thoughts to the person who reads your content. If your content is easily understood by the people and they can comprehend your message then you don’t need to focus too much on your vocabulary and grammar. Keep it simple and with time you would improve your writing skills. Remember you are here to share your ideas, thoughts and experience, not to qualify any language exam.
  3. Read more: We all need food for body. Similarly, reading is the food for a writer’s brain. If you are a well read person then you can come up with new ideas and this will also help you to improve your writing skills. Read the books of the genres you wish to write. Understand how the message is conveyed, sentences are formed and keep a note of it in your mind. Read others blog post so that you will get a brief idea about the writers way of looking at things differently.
  4. Learn from real life experiences: Life teaches you so many lessons but you need to be a good observer. When you pen down the real life incidents then you don’t need to think too much. The words come spontaneously. And you may never know there may be readers who might have been through the same phase so they would definitely love your post.
  5. Keep it simple: Try to use simple words and sentences so that your readers can easily understand your post. Someone has rightly said -“Simplicity is the ultimate way of sophistication”. It is equally true for writing.

Thank you, I hope the tips mentioned above be helpful for you.😊