Crush- rush of heartbeats…rush of nerves

Do you believe in love at first sight? Well…many of us do believe in “love at first sight”. But, wait… Let us think for a moment that how is it possible to fall in love with a person at first sight? What made you to fall in love with that “person” without even knowing much details about that person!!
May be the looks… May be that cute smile that stole your heart… May be their way of talking or those dimples on their cheeks. It can be any reason. But calling it “love at first sight” doesn’t sounds right. Let’s call it “CRUSH”. Sounds cool, right?
This “CRUSH” is a great topic of discussion among youngsters, especially the teenagers. This person called “crush” occupies a place in your thoughts, your dreams, your imagination, your daily journals etc… etc.. These lines made you to blush…right? Oopsie!! I made you to remember your crush. Let’s get back to “crush”.
You think about this person over and over again. You can’t get them out of your head. The more you try to avoid the thoughts of this person..the more you think. That’s why it’s aptly said that “Human brains are like monkeys”. The more you want to take control of your brain…the more you fail at it.
This “crush” can be your teacher, your classmate, any celebrity like Shah Rukh Khan, Dipika Padukone etc.. etc..But the most interesting story begins when you get a crush on your classmate or colleague . The moment you enter the class you don’t miss a chance to stare at them. You observe them very keenly. You try out different ways to talk to them and the conversation in your head goes like this-“How can I be friends with him or her? How can I make him/her notice me? What he or she likes? Is he/she looking at me? Am I looking good? Is he/she already committed? Etc. .etc.. Sometimes you get so nervous that the moment you see this “crush” your heart beats like drum.. You go blank.. Sometimes you end up doing something stupid…sometimes you overreact…and the list goes on.. But the cutest part is when your crush catch you staring at them…then you go extremely blank….and turn your head here and there…try your level best to pretend that you weren’t looking at this person… But somewhere deep inside your heart you feel at least they noticed you and blush. Now let’s get back to the question-“Do you believe in love at first sight? Your answer can be yes or no or you can simply put it as- first you get a crush on someone and the moment you start spending more time with that person you may end up falling in love love and the beautiful part is the person who was a stranger for you …may become your heartthrob…your life..your precious gem.

Embrace the randomness of life

The more we think, the more confused we get. The more we want ourselves to forget the past moments, the more we remember what mistakes we made in the past. Some actions took place by mistake and some by chance. The one which happened by chance will be the memorable one because we never know what may come in front of us and make us a different person. This is nothing but “Randomness of life”.
We all are humans and this fact is not hidden from anyone of us. We all are unique and possess a different attitude to handle things. But in spite of being aware of this fact we are not ready to make mistakes. We are afraid of failures. We always want to be perfect. Perfect? Is it possible? Obviously not. Take for example-a flowing river. Most of us love to watch a flowing river. Very few among us like a stagnant river. And don’t forget stagnant water serve as breeding place for mosquitoes. And on the other hand the water of the flowing river is fresh to drink. Then think about a human who is full of curiosity to learn new things, explore new areas and full of enthusiasm. We all would love to be that human then why are we afraid of obstacles and failures. It’s because we aren’t aware of our strengths, we aren’t confident enough to face the unknown. We want things to go our way. But if things go according to our plans then we can’t grow. We’ll become like a stagnant river-dull, lack of liveliness and full of disappointments.
It has been rightly said by Steve Jobs-

“Sometimes life is going to hit you hard with the brick in the head, but don’t lose faith. “