Hello friends, i know its been so long since i have posted my last blog. But today i have come up with the post where i would love to share certain qualities which i have referred here to as “weapons”. So,without a further ado let me introduce you to these weapons which all of us have but very few of us are actually aware of and don’t make the proper use of it.

  1. Self-belief: whatever you want to do in life whether it’s cracking a competitive exam, starting your own enterprise or writing a book, etc..etc.. The first thing you need is self belief. Self belief is that weapon which would save you when people would fire the bullets of criticism, discouragement on you. This self belief would act as a shield during your most difficult times and would ignite a fire in you to “keep going”. 
  2. Patience: things won’t come to you within a blink of an eye or a snap of a finger. you gotta wait a little. The one who can develop patience can achieve bigger and greater things in life and would also become a better person. Remember, everything happens at it’s own pace.
  3. The habit of letting go: if you cling on to your past mistakes or past achievements then you would lose out on the opportunities which are coming your way. Everyday is a new opportunity to make yourself aware of your hidden potential. Make the best use of it. Tomorrow has got nothing to do with what you achieved yesterday or what you lost. So, learn to start afresh every single day with a new level of enthusiasm.
  4. Focus: multitasking is a myth. You gotta be totally focused at what you want to do keeping all the unimportant things behind and to develop this unwavering focus you must learn to prioritize things and your tasks in a right manner.
  5. Be yourself: so many people….so many opinions. but your views, your decisions and your choices are unique. Always remember you are very precious. There’s no one like you in this whole universe. So,always be true to your nature.

Just me, myself and I

The hustle and bustle is making my mind restless

Some mistakes I did in the past are offering my life a tough test

The heart which aspires to fly high

Is little timid and muddled at the moment

Waiting for the moment when it can be free from all the fears

At that point of time I did what I felt was right

Few decisions were impulsive

And the reason was may be I wanted to escape from the troubles I was facing then

But I didn’t know that things would unfold this way

All I can tell myself is: One day it’s all gonna make sense

There may be things which make me feel uncomfortable and anxious at the moment

But all these events are teaching me some great life lessons

At this moment all I can have is “faith” and “hope

But I wish to go to a place where it’s just me and the solitude

Where I can find answers to so many questions which run in my head everyday

The questions of my purpose…

The questions of my passion…

The questions of my dream…

The questions of my happiness…

The questions of my existence…

The scenario of menstruation in India

Being from the country which is known for it’s culture

It’s unfortunate to say that there still exists certain myths and taboos that brings to the emotional torture

The female deity is embellished with garlands in the temples

But the female on her periods is not allowed to worship in the same temple

The person who is involved in the corruption

Or the theif escaped from the prison can perform the holy rituals without any restriction

Then what fault has the girl has done who is going through a normal biological process which is very much required for the survival of the human generation?

God never says “Don’t pray”

It’s we.. The society…who has made these false notions

I understand it’s difficult to explain your grandparents who are too stubborn regarding certain beliefs

But what about the youth?

What about us who believe in adopting modern technology but still caught in the taboos being the younger generation?

Gather the courage… My gals

So.. The next time you go to the medical shop for buying the sanitary pads.. Better leave behind all your hesitation

Things don’t change unless and until we begin to think with our minds open to change…We are ready to change our outlook, our sense of dressing but it all begins with “your mind”. Nothing helps if your mind is still residing on the things that takes away your freedom to see the bigger picture of certain issues. I’m very fortunate to born in a family where my parents are very flexible to accept the changes and they don’t believe on such taboos. But, I have heard and observed people who feel very shy to talk about menstruation in India. The first thing you hear from them is ” Shhhh!!” Well… I wrote this poem to express my views freely as a writer. Would love to hear your views too in the comments. 😊

How to solve the “focus dilemma” ?

In my previous post I told you about the distractions we come across when we try to focus at any particular task especially when it comes to study our mind performs all the stunts which even the monkey can’t. So, here are the tips on how to get yourself back to focus on your task at hand and stop wandering:

  1. Desire: imagine the time when you are extremely thirsty and could not get water. At that point of time the only thing that comes to your mind is how to find water to quench our thirst. Similarly, before you start studying or any work you must develop that affinity to complete that work on time. You must find the way to give rise to the burning desire. A burning desire is the starting point of all the achievements.
  2. Morning hours matter: try to make your morning time productive. See, you don’t need to put hours and hours. All you need to do is don’t check your phone especially during the first 30 or 60 minutes.
  3. Start small: whenever you are sitting to read at that time keep your phone away at least for 45 minutes. In those 45 minutes focus only on studying. Then take 5-10 minutes break. In this break you have some water or juice. Later get back to work again.
  4. Focus on your breath : to feel your breath more deeply you can put cotton in your ears. Breathe in and out. Bring yourself back to the present moment.
  5. Write all your thoughts down : simply penning your thoughts down Before you start studying helps you to declutter your mind.
  6. Focus on productivity: take for example a farmer who has grown 50 maize plants in his field but only 10 out of 50 plants bore cob. You can say the productivity is very low. Similarly on the other hand another farmer grows 30 plants and all of it gave good yield. Of course, the second farmer is more productive. So, why not learn from this example. One hour of focused study is equal to 4 hours of distracted study. Start small and slowly slowly you can find yourself focusing for more time.
  7. Keep yourself hydrated : Our body needs water to carry out it’s functioms. When the brain is fully hydrated the exchange of nutrients will be more efficient thus enhancing concentration and mental alertness.
  8. Get proper sleep: sleep helps you to relax and also produces protein that helps you to remember things. Don’t compromise on your sleep.
  9. Eat healthy : avoid eating oily or junk food. Go for fresh juicy fruits or dried fruits. Don’t forget that the food you take is the fuel for your body.

Well… Hope the above tips will be helpful for you. If any query then you can ask in the comment section.

The focus dilemma

Book on the table

Waiting for you to unravel the chapter

Eyes trying to converge all attention on the black letters printed on the white pages

But mind jumping like a naughty monkey blurr the vision of the eyes and now the letters just seem like black dots on the white canvas

One thought leads to the other and the cycle never stops

From the thought of what you had for your breakfast to the thought of what your friend told you last week

Pondering over yesterday’s problems or day dreaming about the future events

A different drama plays in your head where you are the director and also play the role of actor and spectator

The thoughts of career and when to begin your preparations for the exams

The thoughts of the mouth watering delicious cuisines

Sometimes you catch yourself imagining in the dress you saw last Sunday in the shop

Sometimes the thoughts of money you have already spend and now thinking how you could have saved it…

Sometimes the thoughts of meeting your family or friends whom you have been missing from the past few days

Well… It’s never ending story of thoughts

And the more you try to put your mind to focus… The more it jumps from one place to another

The Writers’ island

I wish to pause a little from the hustle going on in my mind

I wish to pour my heart out revealing emotions which are hiding behind

My mind playing a different story which is waiting to be heard

My heart putting innumerable questions which are waiting to be answered

From the day we are born we are always competing for one or the other thing and unknowingly become part of this rat race

People come… People go and the same path we trace

Fame.. Money.. Success… Become part of our identity

In chasing these materialistic stuffs we realize that we have lost our serenity

That’s why I wish to go to a place where I can mingle with myself…

A pen and a paper in the hand where I can converse with myself

Where the silence can be heard and I can feel my presence and experience the ebullience…

Your career should be your first priority

Gone are the days when your parents used to spoon feed you to fill your tummy…

Gone are the days when your mom and dad had to plan all the budget regarding the monthly expenses and the money to be saved for future..

You are a grown up chick now… Realize that…

The sooner you realize… The quicker you would be able to take charge of your life and hold yourself responsible for all the events taking place in your life..

Now, it’s hight time that you must understand the value of time. You must know how to make the productive use of your each every second. Today you may be thinking twice before you purchase your favourite stuffs but do something so that in future you don’t have to look at that price tag. Even today your head would be dwelling in the past experiences that narrate a story depicting how your parents struggled to make the ends meet but you forgot as a child once you promised yourself that you would get your family out of this trouble.

Today you may be lying on the couch thinking the day is too boring or gossiping with your friend or discussing about the movie you watched last weekend. You are not feeling motivated to do something. But my dear friend motivation is totally bullshit. It’s all about how badly you want things in your life and what are you ready to sacrifice to achieve those things. You are not able to realize the value of money just because your parents are spending their money for your education… For your hobbies… To fill your stomach etc.. Imagine a mother holding a hungry child. Does she need any motivation to work to earn money for her child? She would find a way out because “filling her child’s stomach” is her main priority at that time. Now, imagine yourself standing in the desert. Do you need any motivation to search for water? You won’t leave any stone unturned to search for the source of water and quench your thirst.

We waste hours and hours in things which doesn’t fetch us any results except guilt or regrets. Make use of your brain. Take charge of your life. Set your priorities right otherwise you would fall in a trap where you won’t be able to rescue yourself. Give up on short term pleasures. Get out of your comfort zone and be enthusiastic to face the unknown.

As you move forward…

Stagnant may be the path

But dynamic should be you

Scary may be the obstacles

But brave should be you

Twist and turns may try to enervate your confidence

But self confident should be you

The surrounding may go against you

But stubborn should be you

Trying new things may hesitate you or embarrass you

But unstoppable should be you

The self doubt will tell you to stop and quit

But patient should be you

There may be innumerable problems

But solution should be you

Today, it may not seem to be that rejoicing

But tomorrow, “winner” will be you

You don’t need a tag to realize the worth of your passion

Many times we all hear “follow your passion“. But, I would like to put it in a slightly different manner :” Dive into any activity which thrills you from the bottom of your heart and one day your passion will follow you“. To pursue your passion you don’t need to seek validation or an outside approval. Many a times your passion may turn out to be your profession but this isn’t true in all the cases. Does that mean you should not take some time out for your passion? No. I have seen people doubting their passions when they are not able to pay their bills by it. See passion, hobbies are the activities which brings you closer to “yourself”. Whenever you are doing things in which you completely lose the sense of the surrounding and time is called “Passion”. The amount of self satisfaction you would get in return would be beyond any measure.

For example, writing is one of my passion. That doesn’t mean that I need to be a published author to write what I want to. All I need is a platform where I can express my thoughts and freely convey my feelings on whichever topic I want. Similarly, take some time out from your profession to do things for which you are truly and deeply passionate because life is too short to sit and wait for the right time. Try spending less time in gossips and unproductive activities. Do something productive each and every day. It can be anything.

Do share the activities for which you are truly passionate in the comments. Would love to hear from you.

Let me share with you my passions :

  1. Writing
  2. Reading books
  3. Public speaking
  4. Improving my English vocabulary
  5. Singing

Bring that inner desire in you to make a difference before you leave this world…. Only then you would be able to live like legends…

The theory of love

The stories of Romeo and Juliet define love in it’s own way

The love of Shah Jahan for Mumtaz is reflected in the aura of the Taj Mahal

The Hollywood and the Bollywood movies have their own way to portray love

But what explains it the best is the “experience of falling in love

Late night phone calls and talking for hours and hours may not be the right way to express love

Buying those expensive gifts for your partner may offer them with the short term pleasure which may not be ever lasting

Going for dinner in the fanciest restaurant would definitely satiate their hunger for delicious food but may still fail to fill the lacunas of “feeling loved”

If love is about always being physically close to each other then what term would you give for the love between a soldier who is fighting on the border and his wife who is miles way?

Their bonding is still strong and the love never fades away..

If love is about offering expensive gifts to each other

Then how will the couples with a meagre income express their love for each other

If love is about always being available..

Then how will the two persons work to develop their own identity individually

You both are complete without each other..

But actually together you enhance each other..

A bit of humour would make this relationship more adorable

I know that there may not be the exact definition of love…

And love has so many branches too..

It’s an emotion..a serene feeling

The words may fail to convey it’s latent meaning

It’s something so genuine and pure..

It has the power to heal the ailment which the medicines fail to cure

It’s not about the quantity of time you spend with each other

It’s about the quality of time when you make the other person feel “Yes, you are the special one”