Now, it’s only you

When my feet trembled and my heart was scared

When I was on the road full of pebbles and thorns

You, became my strength

You gave me the courage to face all the ups and downs

You held my hand to help me get up again when I fell down

Many times I feel there’s no one around except the solitude..

Then I hear your voice “I am there”

You are the first thought in my mind the moment I wake up

You are part of me now

You keep me alive

Now, I don’t care about anything else on the earth

Only I know how much you mean to me

The only thing that matters to me now is “You” – my goals, ambitions and my dreams

The focus dilemma

Book on the table

Waiting for you to unravel the chapter

Eyes trying to converge all attention on the black letters printed on the white pages

But mind jumping like a naughty monkey blurr the vision of the eyes and now the letters just seem like black dots on the white canvas

One thought leads to the other and the cycle never stops

From the thought of what you had for your breakfast to the thought of what your friend told you last week

Pondering over yesterday’s problems or day dreaming about the future events

A different drama plays in your head where you are the director and also play the role of actor and spectator

The thoughts of career and when to begin your preparations for the exams

The thoughts of the mouth watering delicious cuisines

Sometimes you catch yourself imagining in the dress you saw last Sunday in the shop

Sometimes the thoughts of money you have already spend and now thinking how you could have saved it…

Sometimes the thoughts of meeting your family or friends whom you have been missing from the past few days

Well… It’s never ending story of thoughts

And the more you try to put your mind to focus… The more it jumps from one place to another

Who holds the key?

The palace looked beautiful

But the door was closed

Me…waiting at the door

Thinking someone would come with the key

Unaware of the fact that the key lies in my pocket

Running here and there in search of the key

Restless I felt because I wanted to see what was inside the palace

Few people tried to open the lock thinking the key they have is right one to unlock..

Wrong they were and perplexed I was

Again I started running

Then suddenly fell down and the key too fell from my pocket on the path

Surprised I was but felt excited at the same time because now I can see what was inside the palace

Then opened the door and saw “The treasure of happiness”

Then I realised the key to my happiness lies in my pocket 😊

Finding the answers

Walking on the path

Trying to find a way which calms my heart

Looking at those who already reached their destination

Thinking why am I still stuck on the way not able to figure out my passion

Is it my fault? Or I’m being taken away by outside competition?

It’s time to focus on my journey

But there are moments when I find myself disappointed when I go for the option of comparison

But wait..

They say we all are unique in our own way

Then why are we still stuck in this cycle of competition and comparison everyday?

I’m the author of my life

If I start narrating my life story using someone else’s words then that won’t differentiate my life from someone else’s life

Some fault is mine and for the rest I would blame the world

The world that always wants a scale to measure someone’s beauty, intelligence or success

Ask yourself a genuine question :Aren’t we all busy in comparison than finding satisfaction in what we have?

Why one should indulge in “Reading books”?

Remember, your teachers always told you to develop a habit of reading. But we never touched any other book except the one prescribed by our syllabus to ace our exams just to get marks. If I ask you how do you spend your leisure? First of all many of you would think for a while and say surfing the net, watching the number of likes on facebook and instagram, isn’t it? But guys have you ever given a thought to what good does all these likes and posts do to you…

But I know a lot of you would definitely be spending your free time reading books. You are on the right track…

Everyone will say we should read books but only few knows why? Unless and until you know the purpose of reading you cannot feel intrinsically motivated to dive in the books. Let’s see the reasons of why one should READ:

  1. Reading stimulates your brain: as exercise is to body reading is to the mind and to keep your mind active you must start reading. It reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia. It’s the best work out for your brain.
  2. Reduces stress : try diving into a good read. It would definitely help you to soothe your mind. This will keep you relax. So take some time out from your busy schedule to read your favourite book.
  3. Improve your memory : when you read a book you try to remember the characters and the story. This helps to form new neural pathways and keeps your brain active. You try to imagine the characters and this helps to improve your memory.
  4. Enhance vocabulary : are you running out of words or do you sound redundant when you describe something? You can overcome this by reading books. The more you read the more words you are exposed to and this will help you to use the right word at the right time.
  5. Write better: all the great writers are well read people. Reading exposes you to varied styles of writing and this will help you to enhance your writing skills.
  6. Books are really the true friends : Many of you may not like to socialise more. Sometimes even your true friends may be demanding. But a book never demands anything in return and helps you to learn a lot of lessons which you can apply in your daily life.

Four years ago if someone would ask me to recommend a good book then I would google it and tell them. But today if you ask me the same question then I can suggest you the best books when it comes to non fiction genre. Reading has changed my life. So go and grab a book and start reading.

The treasure hidden in the books cannot be measured from outside..

You gotta dive into the book to realize it’s beauty…

Here are the few books which I really loved reading and would suggest you to read:

  1. Who will cry when you die? By Robin Sharma
  2. The leader who had no title : by Robin Sharma
  3. Rich dad ,poor dad : by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Letcher
  4. Who moved my cheese? By Spencer Johnson
  5. The power of your subconscious mind : by Joseph Murthy

Life is too short to think what others may think of you

A kid is always happy because he or she never fears to be judged by someone, rather they live their every moment to the fullest with a “never fading” wide grin on their faces. But as we grow up we are bombarded with the “dos and donts” which we are told to keep in mind when we face others. This makes us more cautious about our behaviour and thus acts as a barrier to unfold our true nature. This gives rise to comparison and the result of any kind of comparison is always disappointment. Do you really think this is the right way to live our lives?

Many a times we take our lives for granted. We think we have so many days to live. But believe me it isn’t so. You won’t be knowing when the day will come when you would be lying on your deathbed regretting for not letting the real you come out. We know we are unique and different but even then we try to imitate the crowd and later worry about whether people would embrace for who you are or not. The reality is everyone loves originality. Only fake loves fake. So, why bother about being judged by someone who is totally different than you. The most important thing is “your love for yourself“. People will come and go but no one will understand you the way you do. Do what you think is right and let go off the outcome.

Always remember you cannot please everyone but the power to please yourself lies in your hands.