From Green Revolution to Organic Farming

Before independence, the type of crops cultivated in India were more or less based on the demand on the demand of the British government. The demand for commercial/ cash crops was more than food crops. The farmer too adapted themselves to grow commercial crops like cotton, indigo..etc.. and the land was treated on that basis. But no one was aware of the “change in demand” that would take place after independence. The post independence era saw a shift in the demand of the crops from commercial purpose to food crops. Now, there was a need to feed this growing population but even then our government thought agriculture to be resilient enough to be managed on it’s own. We focused on industrialization and other sectors. We later realized that there was an urgent need to come up with land reform measures. Post independence with the implementation of some of the agenda under land reforms, India witnessed expansion of agriculture land and that resulted in higher food production but after the 1 st Five Year Plan the scope of area expansion has been limited. Now there was a need to increase the productivity in the limited area available for production. That is where Green revolution came into play.Green revolution was a productivity revolution.Over years this played an important role in production increase by productivity enhancement and not by area expansion. It acted as a boon to solve the looming hunger problem in India.

Green Revolution success had instituted confidence in our planning process and it helped us develop faith in our agriculture system and since then agriculture relevance to India’s economy was never questioned. Green Revolution also triggered the diversification of industrial development to include petrochemical section like fertilizers and also food processing units which are valuable in post harvest value addition in agriculture. Though intensive use of irrigation and fertilizers under the Green Revolution technology has increased the farm production, it has also given birth to the problem of pests, insects, weeds, rodents, etc. The mono culture promoted by the Green Revolution technology is more vulnerable to the insects and pests.

The demands are again changing and now we should acclimatize ourselves based on the changing demands. The need of the hour is “sustainable agriculture” and this can be achieved through organic farming. This also demands a change in the attitude of farmers. This is a crucial step because the approach to farming problems in an organic system is essentially different from its conventional counterpart. The mechanism of organic marketing is quite different from that of regular marketing of the products produced by conventional farming. Organic markets are still a niche segment in which specific buyers are targeted. Such marketing requires different skills and may call for additional costs in the initial stages. Appropriate networks should also be created in the country for dissemination of information among the farmers about international as well as local markets for organic produce. Apart, a well-thought-out subsidy and other support schemes from govt. are essential, especially, for farmers of developing nations to make the conversion to organic agriculture easier and cheaper, as has been done in some of the developed nations earlier.

Tips to be fluent at English

You would have tried all the way possible to get the command over your spoken English but at the end you don’t get the satisfying results and this takes your motivation away. Well.. Now you don’t need to worry about improving your English because in this post I have mentioned all the important tips and tricks which I use to improve my language skills. Hope these tips will definitely fetch you good results:

  1. Speak: without judging yourself for your accent or pronunciation just start speaking in English. You don’t need to sound like a native. You just have to communicate your thoughts to the one who is listening to you. Grammar, pronunciation, enunciation and intonation comes next. First you must get comfortable with speaking that is what fluency is all about .
  2. Listen: Try watching videos and movies in English. Listen to english songs that suits your interest. Why not dedicate a english song for your crush? Learning should be fun. Listening teach you to pronounce the words correctly and also helps you to understand where to take pauses.
  3. Think in English : many of you would say that you could not find a partner to speak in English. So, in that case why not start thinking in your head in English.
  4. Vocabulary : learning new words is very important if you don’t want to sound redundant while speaking. Wait.. Here I am not saying to start boasting in front of your friends using difficult words. First you must learn the high frequency words which are used in everyday parlance. Make a promise to learn one new word daily.
  5. Write: penning your thoughts down is the best exercise for your brain to help you form sentences. Start writing journal in English. Write about the things that made your day…etc..

Above all , always remember you can never achieve perfection in a language. You need the affinity towards the language to explore more arenas of it. Everytime you learn something new about the language you would realise that there is so much more to learn. Don’t think to become perfect. Just focus on how well you can convey your message to the person you are talking to.