Don’t settle for less….

“Earning a living is not difficult….living your dream makes your life worth living”

Jyoti Meena

The newly born child cannot say what he or she is meant to contribute to the world. The same child grows into an adult and even then he/she is not able to figure out their passion or purpose. Many of us think those who are passionate about something is their inborn talent or they figured out things at early age. Many times we call it luck. But none of this is true. Those who are passionate about something have actually spend more time doing that activity, tried to discover it’s depth and hence they understood the things from the core in that particular area. This is no easy task. This do requires patience, perseverance and razor sharp focus. Most of the time people have preconceived notions about the particular activity or profession. This sucks out the joy of discovering the unknown areas and the person is only concerned about the results. Destinations are always sweeter but the journey is not separate from the destination. Destination is also a part of the journey only. Don’t mistake hard for impossible. It all begins with the mindset.

The journey begins only when you know in which direction you should take your first step. Many of us set small targets, are skeptical about our potential or are waiting for someone to believe in our caliber. Always remember, no one except you know yourself to the core. Only you can set limitations in your path and only you can bring the mountain down to your knees. Many times people judge you based upon your past failures and setbacks. Well..there’s no bigger fool than you if you start doubting yourself based on someone else’s opinion. Opinions are meant to be respected but they are not facts. Let your actions speak. On the other hand there are people who are always their to bolster you up during tough times because they have immense faith in you. If you have such people in your life then don’t forget to take some time out to appreciate them from the bottom of your heart.

The more you understand yourself the easier it is to find areas of your interests. But very few of us spend time in solitude. Most of our time goes in scrolling down on our phone screens or gossiping. Life is too short. You never know what may happen. All the world’s greatest inventions and revolutions initiated from a thought. Observe what you say to yourself. Try to be optimistic. If you are serious of achieving your targets then don’t forget to write them down. Make it part of your thinking. Once you know what you are meant to do then give your heart and soul to it. The journey may be monotonous, tiring or boring but you should not lose your confidence at any cost. You cannot settle for less.No more compromises please.You deserve better.You are meant to create a difference, a dent in the universe. Sometimes, you have to make bold decisions so that you don’t regret later in your life. This requires immense level of courage and self belief. Reconsider what you truly need.

If you agree to things you don’t really want, you are building a life that doesn’t reflect your own needs and identity. Allow yourself to pause and go inward.

The journey of UPSC aspirants

Eagerly waiting for “The Hindu” in the morning

Reading it as if it’s not less than any holy book for us

Yeah, sounds strange to those who read newspaper having tea just to flip pages

But that way won’t work for us

We need to watch the details and some editorials do demand to read between the lines

Those fancy vocabulary used sometimes makes no sense

As they say when things become a necessity you have to do it even it sounds non sense

Our friends spend time browsing stuffs that are amusing and mesmerizing

And we  searching the newly formed policies on google and then memorizing

Sometimes it’s the scheme that is in news

Sometimes it’s the recently launched satellite

Sometimes it’s the blockchain, IOT etc..

Sometimes it’s the conventional methods practised in ancient history

Many of us may forget the name of our own pet but we won’t forget the name of the most endangered species on this earth

When others complete the T.V. series watching all the episodes in a day then brag about it

We are busy watching the lectures on Unacademy and You tube so that reading books don’t seem boring

This exam don’t care about your background

It brings all of us on the same platform

You may be an IIM graduate or an IITian

You may be a doctor or working in a most reputated company earning in lakhs

This exam has got nothing to do with whether you were a topper or didn’t do academically well in your school days

It provides equal opportunity to each and every one to crack this exam provided you should be ready to give whatever it takes to make it happen

Sometimes you may have to go through the arduous journey to achieve the most beautiful zenith waiting for your arrival





The lessons worth sharing

You might have read so many books, watched many movies which teach lessons on life but the real lessons are always learnt from your experiences only. It’s a natural human tendency that humans generally don’t take advice from someone else but if we ourselves go through the same situation then only we understand the value of the advice that someone once gave us because that person wanted us to learn from their mistakes. In this post i would love to share some lessons which i feel are worth sharing with my readers:

  • People listen what they want to hear: whenever you are having conversation with anybody at any point of time always keep in mind it’s not at all necessary that what you are talking is being understood by the person you are having conversation with. Very few people actually care about what’s happening in your life. Most of the people only listen to things which makes them happy or are doing them some sort of benefit. The only solution to handle this is never expect the other person to understand things from your end otherwise you will surely be disappointed. You just share whatever you want to so that the things don’t keep on troubling you again and again. And on a personal note i would rather suggest you to write every thought on the paper and later throw it, tear it or burn it. This truly works. If you are a blogger or a writer you are really at advantage. You can express your emotions by writing poems. Believe me writing is the best therapy to make you calm and later you can get back to the most important tasks.

  • Your parents are your true well wishers: we all have friends. They all are good but at one or the other point of time in life even the friend whom you are very close to may act selfish. But, your parents will always be there for you whenever you would call them. This is selfless love. Never forget to spend a quality time with your parents.

  • Keep your interests first: always remember you can’t please everyone on this earth. For example, if the world would have not adopted the new technology methods thinking it will not be accepted by people who follow traditional methods then we won’t come across the fourth industrial revolution. Similarly in life too do what’s right for you without worrying what the world think. At least “your happiness is totally under your control”.

  • Never take any action when you are angry, sad or too excited: whenever your mind is feeling extreme levels of joy or sadness or your anger is at the top then please do yourself a favor. Never ever go and react immediately. Take some deep breaths , relax, bring yourself back to normalcy then act. If you really want to avoid regrets in your life then you must always keep this point in mind.

  • Believe in yourself till your last breath: wherever you are, whatever may be the situation you cannot come out of it unless and until you believe in yourself. Your parents, friends, spouse, etc..can only encourage you or can provide you with the external motivation but at the end it’s only you who has to take action. You cannot succeed at anything in life unless and until you have a firm faith in your abilities. Believe me you are so much more powerful than any circumstances of your life. Even if you are alone on the path the divinity will be there to guide you only when you believe in yourself.

  • Cherish every moment: all of us have very few days left in our lives. Always remember to shed your love in the lives of people who truly cares for you. Don’t forget to thank those who are always there for you. Be happy and spread the happiness in your ambiance.

An agitated mind is a devil’s workshop

The human brain is an immensely powerful organ

It provides you with the courage to face your fears

And can also compel you to choose the “flight” response and RUN

None of the battles in the battlefield are won without winning over your “MONKEY MIND”

Responding and reacting when angry is more easier than listening patiently and remain kind

But what most of us forget??

We forget that the mind is an organ in “OUR BODY”

It is like a tool and we should not allow it to rule

If you think you are a slave to your mind then you are definitely making yourself a fool

Whether it’s about catching the flight or train in the last minute….

Whether it’s about beating the exam stress….

Whether it is combating the stage fear….

You cannot succeed at any of them until and unless you make your mind clear

Always remember the water when still seems so calm

But the same water when filled with waves and tides can cause mass destruction too…

Let’s change our lens a bit

No one is perfect. We all know this but very few of us are ready to accept the people the way they are. The most foolish thing someone can do is judge someone’s character when they are angry, sad, going through a rough phase or may be some emotional issues. Tell me how many of you would say no when someone has invited you for their birthday party or marriage or any happy occasion? Very few of you. The reason is we all want to be the part of someone’s success and happiness. But let me remind you the person who is happy can remain happy without you accompanying him/her. The person needs a helping hand or just a ear to listen to them in a non judgmental way when they are going through their tough phase. That phase can be of any sort. We all are humans and humans can survive on their own. That comes naturally to us. But lets not forget that what makes us different from the robots are “our emotions”. Well…nowadays if you laugh and always keep smiling in front of someone then they appreciate but that is also an emotion right. Then why expressing sorrows or shedding tears are not given equal respect? After all a person is just being expressive about their emotions. Do you think being expressive is wrong? Every time things cannot be HUNKY DORY. Sharing the stories of success and fame is appreciated but when someone is sharing the experience of their phase of depression or any trauma then that is considered as the sign of weakness in our society. People who influence others by being fake become the part of the huge friend circle but the one who is transparent and honest about their feelings have few friends. I know judging comes naturally to humans because are brains are wired that way to make right decisions in life but “there’s a lot of difference in judging some situation or obstacle and judging someone’s character“. We never realize this difference and apply the same principles in forming perceptions about people. You know from our childhood days our teachers always told us “If you point one finger at someone then the rest of the fingers are pointing at you”. This is something worth remembering.
Showing emotion is not a sign of weakness. While it’s healthy social skill to be able to behave professionally even when you are not feeling at the top of your game, letting your guard down at socially appropriate times isn’t a sign of weakness. In fact, being aware of your emotions and making a conscious choice to share those emotions with others is actually a sign of strength. Always remember if someone opens a chapter of their life on your desk then realize “how much you mean to them”. Nowadays you may get lots of friends who would love to hang out with you but it’s not easy to find a companion. So, embrace the imperfections in everyone. We all are independent but even the ecosystem cannot sustain itself without the “inter dependency”. Just because someone wants to be with you doesn’t mean that person is dependent or attached to you. There are times when your loved one truly needs you.
Just like a pot of boiling water- trying to keep the lid on- all that hot bubbling water will cause the lid to rattle. Our emotions are no different. There’s nothing wrong in being authentic about your feelings.
It’s time to uncover what is weighing you down. Emotions are not a sign of weakness. They are a sign of courage and transparency. The books written by the author are appreciated more when the reader can feel the emotions. The movies would have never appreciated if emotions wouldn’t have been part of them.So, let’s change our lens to see emotions.


Hello friends, i know its been so long since i have posted my last blog. But today i have come up with the post where i would love to share certain qualities which i have referred here to as “weapons”. So,without a further ado let me introduce you to these weapons which all of us have but very few of us are actually aware of and don’t make the proper use of it.

  1. Self-belief: whatever you want to do in life whether it’s cracking a competitive exam, starting your own enterprise or writing a book, etc..etc.. The first thing you need is self belief. Self belief is that weapon which would save you when people would fire the bullets of criticism, discouragement on you. This self belief would act as a shield during your most difficult times and would ignite a fire in you to “keep going”. 
  2. Patience: things won’t come to you within a blink of an eye or a snap of a finger. you gotta wait a little. The one who can develop patience can achieve bigger and greater things in life and would also become a better person. Remember, everything happens at it’s own pace.
  3. The habit of letting go: if you cling on to your past mistakes or past achievements then you would lose out on the opportunities which are coming your way. Everyday is a new opportunity to make yourself aware of your hidden potential. Make the best use of it. Tomorrow has got nothing to do with what you achieved yesterday or what you lost. So, learn to start afresh every single day with a new level of enthusiasm.
  4. Focus: multitasking is a myth. You gotta be totally focused at what you want to do keeping all the unimportant things behind and to develop this unwavering focus you must learn to prioritize things and your tasks in a right manner.
  5. Be yourself: so many people….so many opinions. but your views, your decisions and your choices are unique. Always remember you are very precious. There’s no one like you in this whole universe. So,always be true to your nature.

The Cafe tells you so many stories….

The hot chocolate fudge and sizzling hot coffee were having conversation in their own voice and caught my attention

The ketchup and the menu on the table joined the conversation too

The ketchup caught me listening to their secret conversation and asked me-“Who are you?”

Well… I was amazed by the surprised look it gave

Because I was the one who regularly visited this Cafe

Then suddenly the coffee answered the ketchup’s question with great pride-“She’s is Jyoti and I know her very well because she come here to spend some time with me and write her blog posts”

That was so pleasing to the ears..i didn’t know the coffee’s voice was as good as it taste and may that’s the reason it has a special place in my heart..

Then the couple sitting on the table next to us caught our attention

The coffee started laughing looking at the way they were trying to fake things and showing everyone that it’s all going well there

But their artificial facial expressions were enough to explain their relation with each other

The hot chocolate fudge said in a low voice-“I don’t know why people are so afraid to let the reality come out in the world. At home they would fight and here they try to pretend everything’s alright”

“Hmmm”- said the ketchup in a deep voice who was still skeptical about my identity

The dim lights made the Cafe a perfect place to have lovey dovey conversations with your partner

There’s something different about these lights

The frames on the wall fills the ambience with positivity as one of them read-” The master in any field was once a beginner”

This Cafe has all of it…

A perfect place to celebrate your friend’s birthday

A perfect place for a date with that special someone

A perfect place for writers to pen down their thoughts enjoying soothing aroma of coffee beans…

“What are you thinking?”- the ketchup asked me interrupting my chain of thoughts

“Nothing much”- I said looking at the menu on the table

I finished drinking my coffee and got some ideas for my blog post

At least once in a while go to a cafe alone

You would definitely come across different kinds of people

It’s really fun to watch…

Don’t get driven by appreciation

You think of writing a post

Then a thought pops in your head

“What if the readers don’t like it? ”

Then you find your interest getting lost because of this thought

You are confused whether to write that post or not

But my dear writer…do you think we are perfect?

Well.. None of us are

The world is full of imperfect “us”

And the fact that we are connected through one or the other network makes us one

Then why are you fearing of being judged by someone who is also imperfect just like you…

You must not accept their opinions as facts

But you must respect their opinions

If you see things the way they are without judging them

Then you can freely express what is hidden deep in your thoughts

Because now you have accepted that you are not perfect

But unique….

And you may never know there are people who are eagerly waiting for a post like yours

Let your thoughts flow

And blogging is a medium through which you can share your thoughts with the millions out there

The value of the post is not judged by the comments or number of likes or social reputation

Because the mindset of the people may fickle

But the wisdom conveyed through the post won’t change

Trust in your abilities… not how people rate your abilities

Don’t forget water is thrown on the road and also bottled and sold in thousands

Learn from the kids around you

Kids are so adorable

Always curious and full of enthusiasm

They are always ready to learn something new

Failure and success don’t bother them

All they want is derive fun from what they are doing

If they don’t enjoy things they won’t do it

They don’t care about winning or losing

They completely immerse themselves in the task they take up

Kids are always transparent in their thoughts

They say what they feel right on your face whether you like it or not

They never fake things

They reflect purity and honesty in whatever they say

The relationships they form with people are full of pure love and care

If they like you then they are always there to care for you genuinely

They never hide their emotions

They are like a open book

They will laugh out loud if they are happy

They will cry when they are sad

They are very expressive

They are brave enough to put forth their opinions

They don’t need expensive gifts to uplift their mood

Just a small bar of chocolate could bring a wide lovely smile on their cute faces

They are selfless and not selfish

They are full of innocence

Take out some time from your busy schedule and talk to a kid

Just see the spark in their eyes when they speak

Yes, it’s the spark which you carried in your childhood

And that spark is lost in the hustle and bustle of this competitive world

You are my lifeline

You are the reason of my existence

You are the reason of my presence

You are the origin of my life

You are a good mother and a great wife

The way the bricks are the foundation of any huge mansion

You are the foundation of the family

The house becomes home because of you

You are the home minister

When you are not around we can’t figure out what to do…

You know how to manage things keeping each and every family member’s choice in mind

You know when to behave like a parent and when to be a friend

All the values you taught me will remain in my heart and soul till the end

Your smile makes my day bright

I miss the bed time stories you used to tell before we go to bed at night

The dishes you prepare are unbeatable because of the ingredient called love

The role you play in my life is irreplaceable

Yes, you scold me when I’m wrong

But you are always there to hold my hand and make me feel strong

You are like a buddy with whom I share my secrets and spend the day cheerfully

We can make endless jokes together and laugh non stop

You can make out from my voice and say whether I’m feeling happy or sad

You know how to cheer me up when the days are going bad

Your words motivate me and fill me with confidence

Your love for me gives me power to overcome all the life’s challenges

I know this poem is not enough to say how much you mean to me

But today whatever I am it’s all because of you and you more than a god to me…