The theory of love

The stories of Romeo and Juliet define love in it’s own way

The love of Shah Jahan for Mumtaz is reflected in the aura of the Taj Mahal

The Hollywood and the Bollywood movies have their own way to portray love

But what explains it the best is the “experience of falling in love

Late night phone calls and talking for hours and hours may not be the right way to express love

Buying those expensive gifts for your partner may offer them with the short term pleasure which may not be ever lasting

Going for dinner in the fanciest restaurant would definitely satiate their hunger for delicious food but may still fail to fill the lacunas of “feeling loved”

If love is about always being physically close to each other then what term would you give for the love between a soldier who is fighting on the border and his wife who is miles way?

Their bonding is still strong and the love never fades away..

If love is about offering expensive gifts to each other

Then how will the couples with a meagre income express their love for each other

If love is about always being available..

Then how will the two persons work to develop their own identity individually

You both are complete without each other..

But actually together you enhance each other..

A bit of humour would make this relationship more adorable

I know that there may not be the exact definition of love…

And love has so many branches too..

It’s an emotion..a serene feeling

The words may fail to convey it’s latent meaning

It’s something so genuine and pure..

It has the power to heal the ailment which the medicines fail to cure

It’s not about the quantity of time you spend with each other

It’s about the quality of time when you make the other person feel “Yes, you are the special one”

My love for you is unconditional

Yeah…now it’s time to say what has been in my mind since the past few months

Realised this in the morning when I saw you were in front of my eyes and I could not help but ignore you

But I know you could sense the chain of my thoughts going in mind

And hope you understood what I felt at the very moment

I met you in my teens

Before that I didn’t know how would I feel when we’re together

You were famous among people

But I kept myself away from you as my mom always told me you may cause harm to me in the long run

Even then I thought of meeting you as my curiosity to know you more started rising more and more

And the day arrived when we met for the first time

Oh my god!!

Just your mere presence was enough to take all my thoughts away

My eyes were glittering

My hands wanted to grab you

My lips wanted to taste you

And your aroma made me crazy

Then I could feel your warmth on my lips

My heart was melting

That was enough to soothe my mind

You awoke my senses

You filled me with energy

The days went on…

And our meetings became frequent

It went on for days and years

But now we can’t be together anymore

We should not meet frequently

Because it can be harmful in the long run

As you know anything in excess is a poison

And too much of caffeine is not good for our health

But you would always remain my favourite steamy beverage

Yes, this is the way I describe my love for coffee…lol.. 😂😂

The feeling of oneness

The sky could feel the intoxication on the earth
Because that morning was not like any other day
The emotions in the air could make any heart to sway
Full of serenity…the nature could feel the rising passion and intensity
The intensity of their love for each other
The curiousity they had to discover each other’s feelings
But the surrounding did not permit them to follow their heart’s instructions
The mind was about to take the control but failed to some extent
Their eyes met and did all the talking
Their hearts had deep conversations without letting their brains do the talking
The morning breeze played the tunes of love
Which was enough to let them lose the sense of the surrounding
The sun chuckled a bit looking at these two souls craving for each other’s touch but the moment was playing a trick and could not help them but watch their love
Her eyes caught his attention and ignited the fire in his nerves which was reflected in his eyes full of passion…
She tried to behave normally and couldn’t help but blush
They wanted the moment to stop but time was in a rush
His eyes said everything her ears were craving to hear
She felt so lucky and happy realising that he loved her so much
All she wanted was to lose herself in his arms
All he wanted was to hold her tightly that even air fail to escape between them
And silently the spectators were able to feel the oneness in the air…
Who were these spectators?
The swaying trees… The flying birds… The bright sun shining high in the sky….

Eyes are the windows to your soul..

Two hearts throbbing hard…

The heartbeat rises and then retards…

The wind is full of intoxication…

The words cannot define their love and intense passion..

The bonding is pure like an elixir…

The feelings are not stagnant but flowing like a river…

He wants to express what he feels but don’t know how??

She can read the lyrics of love in his passionate eyes and understand all somehow…

She’s his piece of heart…

He’s her charm..

She’s the girl whom he loves unconditionally and can never cause any harm…

They want to say a lot but the words play no role…

They can understand everything by looking at each other…

Because their eyes act as the windows to their soul…

Eye contact is more intimate than words can ever be…

The ingredients required for a delicious relationship…

It’s easy to say “yes” when someone asks you to take a responsibility but before you take a step forward it’s better to keep few things in mind. We think we are matured and grown up but may be it is not. That’s because we generally take only the age aspect into consideration. We tend to ignore the mental and most importantly the emotional aspect which plays a major role in making any relationship successful. Let’s take a look at few aspects which play a crucial role in making this bond strong and unbreakable-

  1. Trust – it is the foundation of a healthy relationship. If two person don’t trust each other then there’s no point in taking the relationship further. It’s similar to the strong foundation that is required to build a strong building. If the foundation is strong then it’s possible to make a large mansion without being skeptical.
  2. Understanding– all of us have different opinions on different matters. What is right for you may be wrong for the other person. If you understand each other then there will be no conflicts but if conflicts arise then both of you would deal with it together. You must listen to the person without judging them.
  3. Never involve the third person– most of the time we think the third person would definitely find the solutions to your problems. But that’s not at all true. It’s between you and your partner. Both of you should talk and sort it out. Afterall two of you are on the same page then why there’s is a need to involve someone else. It’s better to keep things personal. Everything should not be shared with your friends. They will give their opinion but that may spoil the relationship and you may even lose the most adorable and precious person just because you believed on what other’s said.
  4. Unconditional and selfless love- you can express love even if you’re not together. That happens in a long distance relationship. But distance means nothing when someone means so much.
  5. Never forget what made you to fall in love with him or her- remember the first time you had an eye contact with him or her, the first time you realized he or she is the one, the first time you confessed your feelings ,the first time you came closer when you could feel each other’s heartbeats dancing on the tune of love played by the breeze blowing your mind away.

What is love?

It’s something so beautiful…

It’s something so wonderful…

It brings joy to you…

It may bring tears to you…

You become more optimistic…

Your world doesn’t seem to be static…

If everything works out it may help you to grow as a person…

If it doesn’t than definitely it’s gonna be a great lesson…

The experience which cannot be described but felt…

The feeling where every moment is a bliss and the two hearts melt…

When eyes play a major role in conversation…

When life becomes more adorable and you are full of compassion…