A part of my life

Morning time is the best time to get new new ideas. You are on the top level of your energy and your mind is totally fresh. New thoughts come to your mind. The warmth and aroma of coffee give you ideas on what topic you should write. This is how the day of a writer begins. In this post I would like to share a past incident of life. I was in class 2. Yes, I was too young to think that one day I would write about that incident “In English”

The story begins

New place, new people, new school and the innocent me. I was a soft spoken girl, a bit timid and now I had to face these smart and clever students. Before this I studied in a small town school where I never met such kids. Well.. somehow I had to adjust with my surrounding. But I could not find anyone in the school who would help me to cope up with the new environment. The students thought I am dumb because I could not speak English properly and didn’t seem confident and outgoing. You know what they said-” She’s mad, don’t be friends with her, she don’t know anything”. Imagine how would a child at that age feel. I felt heartbroken. I thought to keep this upto myself and not let my parents worry about this. So, I chose to be quite.

Then that day arrived…

Thinking of that event give me jitters. The teacher was dictating the questions and we had to write the answers in our notebooks. Yes, it was English class. I was not able to understand almost anything because I attended the classes late and now suddenly I had to deal with this class test. My notebook was blank and so was my mind. I was hell scared. The teacher was damn strict. Then she started checking our notebooks. She came to my place and looked at me as if she’s gonna eat me. I still remember that furious look on her face. She asked me to show the notebook. I denied and then she snatched it from me. She didn’t even bothered to know the reason and started slapping me…left and right. My chubby cheeks turned red. I was shivering. Nobody in my life slapped me that tightly. Then she took out her scale and started beating me. My palms went numb. All you could see was the tears rolling down my cheeks and I had no one around to console me. The whole class was laughing at me.

I went home in the afternoon. I was not talking to anyone. I was very scared. My mother somehow sensed my feelings by looking at the cute red swollen cheeks. Then she told everything to my father. The next day I totally refused to go to school. I cried and cried. I told I don’t want to study and wanna be at home. Imagine how scared I would have been. Then, somehow my father encouraged me and convinced me to go to school. He talked to my teacher and told her that it’s a new place for me and I assured her with time I would learn things.

I tried my level best to score good in the exams and with my consistent efforts I became the topper of my class. The students came to me to solve their doubts. I became the favourite student of the teacher who slapped me once. She loved me so much and even today she remember me. I was able to communicate in English with my fellow students and teachers. You know what… today English is my favourite language. I don’t know what but there’s something about this language that fascinates my mind. I also represented my University in debate and elocution at the National level. Then I started writing blogs and still there are miles to go and lot to improve….

All I wanna say is sometimes the incidents of your own life can help you to learn so many lessons. This post is not about how I became a topper or learned to speak English. It’s actually about how strong I would have been at that age to gather courage and prove myself…


Writing is a healthy drug

When actions fail to convey emotions

When you can’t find someone around with whom you can discuss your wildest fantasies

When memories of past come at the door of your heart and keep on knocking

When the ambience is not that fascinating

When you can’t stop the fountain of thoughts in your mind

When you are bit skeptical to reveal the secret of your crush to your best friend

When you fall in love but try to gather courage to confess

When you are away from home and miss the unconditional love of your parents

Then you go for this drug called “writing”

Why I am calling it a drug?

Well.. the writers who are reading this post can connect to my thoughts

Hope you can relate to it

Yes… It’s addictive

And once you start writing then you can’t stop

There will be times when you would find yourself blank

But still wanna write

The craving for writing is powerful than any other cravings on this earth

This get you “head over heels”

But yes we writers won’t stop there

If we can’t write on the topics which are related to the real world

Then we would create our own world and let our emotions imprint on the paper

And that’s how the greatest fictions are written

Yes, writing is an addiction in the form of an elixir full of emotions

It won’t “harm you”

But it’s definitely gonna “calm you”

Don’t get driven by appreciation

You think of writing a post

Then a thought pops in your head

“What if the readers don’t like it? ”

Then you find your interest getting lost because of this thought

You are confused whether to write that post or not

But my dear writer…do you think we are perfect?

Well.. None of us are

The world is full of imperfect “us”

And the fact that we are connected through one or the other network makes us one

Then why are you fearing of being judged by someone who is also imperfect just like you…

You must not accept their opinions as facts

But you must respect their opinions

If you see things the way they are without judging them

Then you can freely express what is hidden deep in your thoughts

Because now you have accepted that you are not perfect

But unique….

And you may never know there are people who are eagerly waiting for a post like yours

Let your thoughts flow

And blogging is a medium through which you can share your thoughts with the millions out there

The value of the post is not judged by the comments or number of likes or social reputation

Because the mindset of the people may fickle

But the wisdom conveyed through the post won’t change

Trust in your abilities… not how people rate your abilities

Don’t forget water is thrown on the road and also bottled and sold in thousands

Start with the baby steps

Remember your mothers always told you about the first time you started walking

The number of times you fell down, cried and again started walking without losing the zeal and zest

You walked by taking support from one or the other thing but you didn’t stop moving

Because you were a kid then

And kids are never embarrassed to fall down and get up again without losing their enthusiasm

But what happens to this patience and curiosity as you grow older

You start thinking that things would come to you in a snap of fingers

You can’t wait

You are concerned more about the destination and on the way you forget to learn the lessons during the journey

Start devoting your time and energy to the short term goals

And keep them simple at first

Later you can go for bigger tasks

Your peace of mind is the most important thing

If your work frustrates you then it’s not worth doing

This frustration and depression arises when you start expecting too much from yourself

Excuse me!!

You are a human being…not a robot

Have some life..

Take out some time for your family and loved ones

Take out some time to develop your personality

At least spend one day without the gadgets around you

Feel the nature and observe it’s creature

Just look at things without keeping the perception of good or bad in mind

Feel the oneness with all lives around you

You don’t have to spend your energy over trivial matters

I know life is too short

And you want to achieve lots of things

But let’s start with baby steps

Because nobody can do everything but everybody can do something

So, something is better than nothing

Yes, I have no regrets

It’s just me and my thoughts

It’s just me and my inner voices

The questioning and answering sessions with myself

Yes, I love this solitude

It’s a bliss

A feeling of deep satisfaction makes me realise that whatever decisions I took in the past were all right

No, I am not saying I am always right or those decisions made me feel good

But with time I learned lots of lessons from each one of them

Yes, I distanced myself from some of the people

Not because I didn’t like them or they don’t deserve my attention

But I learned that they are not the one with whom I would love to form true connection

I may be around them even today but at the level of my mind it’s just the neutral state where I just observe how good someone can be at faking things

Then I met people with whom I can be all myself

I realised the real connections happen when you are real and true to your nature

There were tough times

But I overcame it with the support of my parents and the people who genuinely care for me

I am learning more about myself

I don’t need external approvals or appreciation to realize my worth

I can sacrifice anything but not my passions

I wish in future too I would somehow manage to take time for my hobbies

Because my passions make me who I am

I believe that if you are not truly passionate about something than you are living like a lifeless body

My hobbies keep me going when life gets monotonous

I know I am not perfect

And that don’t stop me from doing things

There is so much more to learn and discover

Stop shedding tears…it’s time to face your fears…

I know you are afraid to get out of your comfort zone

But you must realise the fact that life is all about discovering the unknown

I know you are waiting for an inspiration and external motivation

But my dear friend only you know what you are and only you can find the way to your passion

I know you feel that the world won’t support you or what will happen if they go against you???

But tell me who supported Thomas Edison?

Tell me who believed Newton’s laws of motion?

Tell me who believed earth is round?

Why you need somebody’s helping hand to walk on the path when your inner voice is always there to show you direction

Walking on this path may scare you

But the satisfaction you receive will definitely energise you

You are on the way to discover yourself

You are on the way to be the best version of yourself

Stop and observe all your fears carefully…

They are all illusion and this should not change your vision

Stop depending on someone else for your happiness

Learn to be happy yourself

Stop finding motivation outside

Just realize what you are and you would know all the answers are hidden inside

I know this phase may be difficult and you are searching for a hope

I know you are sitting in a room and tears are falling from your eyes and restless is your soul

I know today you can’t see the light of positivity

But open your eyes my friend and have faith in your ability

Crying and worrying about things will only make you weak

It’s time to cheer yourself up and stop the tears rolling down your cheek

It’s time to gather courage and move with confidence

It’s time to take your first step towards your dreams and make the world aware of your presence

You don’t need sympathy…you don’t need any inspiration

You don’t need external support…you don’t need any fake attention

You are born for a purpose

Your heart is still beating for a reason

You don’t stop moving whatever may be the external season

So, stop shedding tears…

It’s time to face your fears…

She’s is more than what you think she can be…

She is not afraid to face the challenges

But she is searching for the challenges that fascinates her heart

She is not afraid of working day and night

But she want to take up the work where she could completely immerse herself

Yes, she complain not because she is weak

She complain because these are not the lessons she wanted to seek

She took the decision without thinking about the consequences

But tell me who can predict the future 100%

She never make plans because she is the person who believe more in listening to the gut feeling and instincts

She always believe that whatever happens will happen for a good reason

She is always optimistic

And now she is on the path to be an opportunistic

Yes, she is not the “people person”

Yes, she never like to impress someone by being someone she is not

And she feels grateful that there are people who love her for who she is

She is not just a spark

She is the burning ball of fire

Don’t underestimate her power

You may never know what she can do when she is all herself

She likes to try out different things

Because she believe in “Be the jack of all trades and master of none”

She’s not afraid of failures

But she is not happy with what she is doing

She is on the journey to find her calling

She can move the mountains

She can overcome every hurdle

But she is feeling lost and trying every bit to find her way

The delicious cuisine will not satiate her hunger

The water may also fail to quench her thirst

Only her passion can quench her thirst and give her the contentment

Yes, she is sad

Because she still can’t find the work where she can work like mad

She is on the journey of discovering herself…